W8R2 and a first fail, boo hoo!

I'd found Week 7 really hard going so was really pleased when I completed W8R1 with relative ease ("relative" being the operative word!). I set off in the rain feeling confident and actually looked forward to my run. The first 10 mn went very well and I though "oooh, maybe I AM a runner...".

Then for some reason it all went wrong. I had to overtake a bunch of teenagers who on close inspection turned out to be my anti-social neighbours' kids smoking pot (at 7.15 in the morning!). Though I tried hard not to, I must have increased my speed (feeling self-conscious and sensing their mocking glassy eyes on my rotund derriere...). Anyway, by minute 14 I was gasping for air and it took all the willpower in the world to carry on. I managed to push myself further and finally had to stop after 25mn....I just couldn't do it anymore. I know there were only 3 minutes left but it felt like a lifetime.

I am very annoyed with myself, it is my first fail ever and to have it happen so close to graduation is upsetting. I tried to tell myself that I must have been a Speedy Gonzales, hence the failure but no, no such glorious excuse....I only clocked just over 3kms in 25mn. My confidence has certainly taken a dip, I just hope it recovers!


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7 Replies

  • this is the best place to come for confidence boosters :) Just chalk it up to experience and carry on with r3 next time. It's hard to get the pace right every time and 9 weks isn't long enough for our bodies to develop a "natural" running pace in the same way as we usually, automatically, fall into a natural walking pace when we walk. You have 4 more long runs until graduation and there's every reason to suppose you'll make those- after all, you've done everything else. Take a rest day and relax your mind a bit before r3. Let us know how you get on :)

  • WOW look how far you have come - that is in no way a fail :) As happierswimming says, put it down to experience, try the next run and see how you get on.

    Well done for nearly getting to graduation 8-)

  • Fail ? 25 minutes a fail ?

    You'd have been pleased as punch if you'd done that in week one !

    Give yourself a break, we all have good and bad runs, often with no reason at all, so have a days rest and get out there again. hopefully there won't be any pot smoking gits out there !!!!!

    Good luck ! :)

  • We must have posted simultaneously as I just saw your message after I posted mine. Yes, I shouldn't get hung up on it, I will put it behind me and not let it play on my mind me next time I run. I did 28mn once, hell I'll do it again, regardless of pot smoking kids and aggressive canines! ??

  • Thank you for your encouraging words. You are both right and I will put it down to experience. I was quite bothered by it all day but then I thought about how terrible I felt running for 1 minute in week 1. Twenty five minutes really isn't that bad. I won't worry so much about my snail pace and focus on stamina. Speed will come later and hopefully I will soon be able to outrun the sneaky little dog that bit me as I ran past! Thanks again for your kind words.

  • That was not a fail think how you felt in week one and you just ran 25 times that.

    Well done just dust yourself down and crack on.

  • Thank you! I love this site, people are so nice and encouraging. It's so refreshing!

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