First fail and so disappointed W6R3

Well it finally happened, everything was going far too well, in October I quit my 40 a day habit and as usual with all smokers that give up nothing in the fridge was safe and so inevitably I put on nearly two stone in two months. I started the c2k in December and I must admit for a 48 year old tubby with knackered lungs I found it all quite easy until this morning that is. I could only manage 21mins of the 25. I know I shouldn't beat myself up over it but feel I've let myself down. I know once I have wallowed in self pity for a few more hours and admit to myself that I'm not quite the athlete I thought I was I will be fine and will be raring to go first thing Monday morning. Just thought I would share a fail rather than a success.

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  • Never mind. Just view it as 21 minutes of success. You'll have another chance of completing the 25 minutes. Well done for the progress to date and get a lock on that fridge ;)

  • I don't see this as failure and neither should you.

    You ran for 21 mins after quitting smoking? I commend you.

    People who have never smoked couldn't do this.

    Stop beating yourself up and be proud you're achieving something. You can always repeat that particular run again. I've done this several times.

    Keep us posted with your progress.

  • Just write it off as 'one of those runs' and have another crack at it next time you're out. As runningnotwalking points out 21 minutes is a good run - it must be your longest to date - so congratulate yourself! And congratulations from me on giving up the smoking!

  • I realise it must be disappointing but as I am only on week 3 the fact that you did 21 minutes blows me away!!!!! What an achievement!

  • Put it this way, 6 weeks ago did you ever imagine you'd be running 1 minute - let alone 21.

    No need to be on a downer - your proving your successful everytime you go for a run. Keep the faith

  • Hi, in my book there is no such thing as a failed run. Even difficult runs are a success because you put your kit on and walked out of the front door. Plus you ran for 21 mins - FANTASTIC!. Think of all the over weight, 40 a dayers who are doing nothing to improve their health but would secretly love to stop smoking and be able to run 21 mins. You are the person they would like to be

  • Hi there, well done on quitting smoking and running for 21 minutes! that is incredible! Could I ask a question of you.. I currently smoke about 10 a day, I really want to quit, however I never smoke before a run, which gets me out of the house, as it gives me a treat when i get back in. Do you feel better off for not smoking and running? I'm hoping to replace running as a natural high rather than nicotine. Would you recommend giving up completely or lowering your intake? Would be grateful if I could get advice from someone whos been through this ... Well done on all your success so far! :)

  • I would recommend giving up all together. I just went cold turkey you feel a bit rough for 3-4 days because of nicotine withdrawal, i had a cough for a couple of weeks after as the rubbish came off my lungs. A few of my friends have tried those e-cigs but all have failed and gone back on the ciggies so I'm not convinced by them at all. Its all to do with willpower kath. I was always trying to quit and sometimes I didnt even last a day with dashing to the shops and buying a packet I guess I just wasnt "in the right frame of mind" Its the same as starting and completing the c25k if your determined to do something and you put your mind to it. Good luck Hath you can do it!

  • Than you so much for this! I am thinking of quitting instantly rather than getting patches, as like you said its mind over matter, If I can start running, I can quit smoking right? Its great to hear from someone who has been through this. I may set a date, a bit like with starting the couch 2 5k, Feb 1st is my day to quit? that sounds enough time to convince myself? Thanks so much! I will make myself have willpower :) Good luck with everything too! I will let you know how I get on with quitting :)

  • Go for it. I gave up, admittedly twenty years ago, by going cold turkey, but never looked back. As with running, only you can make yourself succeed and only you will make you fail to reach your aims. Good luck with both running and quitting. It may be tough but we are here to cheer you on.

  • Hi IannodaTruffle, I have the same viewpoint, we need to rely on ourselves to reach our goals! The support of this site so far has been amazing, its making me happy to quit smoking. I have only been running for a week, just completed week 1, and already feel i have so much more to do to look after my body, thanks!

  • Let us all know how you get on Kath

  • Chipping in as another person who went cold turkey from 40 a day to none in early June 2010. One thing that really helped me was to let all my miserly instincts loose with respect to cigarettes; it didn't take long to become absolutely horrified at the price of a pack! Giving up has made a huge difference to how I feel. Also, what I notice now is that if I happen to pass someone smoking during my running sessions, even that quick whiff of smoke has an immediate negative effect on my ability to cope.

  • Hey, chipbuttiesnomore, we are polite on here.......we don't use the F word. You will probably push on through on your next run and so you will have added an extra run to the training plan. That's no big deal. You have come a long way to get to run for 21 minutes and there is no reason why you won't get to graduate in just a few weeks.

    Good luck.

  • Just want to say thank you for all your words of encouragement I have stopped sulking now and really looking forward to my run on Monday morning 25minutes non-stop here I come. This is truly a great community.

  • What a turnaround eh? I love how everyone helps each other on here, from feeling dissappointed (no one but you felt that; I can't wait to be able to say I can run for 21 minutes!) to raring to go and crack that 25 minutes. Good luck for Monday, go for it! You can do it and everyone on here will be here to congratulate you when you do. Well done on giving up the ciggies too.

  • Thank you Leyther and good luck to you too :)

  • First of all well done for quitting smoking...I know it's hard xxxx second of all don't view it as a failure you ran for 21 mins that awesome! And we all have those runs where nothing goes right and we end up quitting, but see it for what it is a success. When you have another crack at it you'll do it next time and remember the only failure you could have is to not go out there and try again xxxx

  • I too have just quit smoking, albeit with the help of patches and an inhalator (a little plastic thing that holds nicotine cartridges for an instant hit if you get cravings). If you can succeed by going cold turkey, all good wishes to you. However, if you do find you need to get nicotine replacement therapy it is nothing to be ashamed of - better than continuing smoking.

    All the very best with the programme and good luck to those who have quit or about to quit smoking. Best wishes.

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