Couch to 5K

1st treadmill run

Woke up determined to do W4R3 as keen to start W5 (eek!) but weather really bad, have run in wind, rain and hail but it was really foggy, so much so that I couldn't see the road. So out to my garage I go and went on my treadmill for the 1st time since doing this programme. I found it SO difficult! I've been reading a lot of blogs on here as I find them inspirational and most have said its easier than outside. Am I doing something wrong? Am glad it's there as a back up for horrid weather but think I would rather be outside!

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I don't like treadmills. You run differently on a treadmill. When you're outside you may vary your pace a little, but you can't if the ground beneath you is moving at a constant speed!


Treadmills take a bit of getting used to. I use one at the gym to follow the programme because I'm 61 and feel that it's kinder to my joints than pavements. I have, however, run in the park after rain when I'm sure the going will be soft but I find it difficult to judge my pace so I think I'm inclined to go more slowly. I also feel that walking the dogs about 10K a day gives me plenty of outside exercise so I don't worry about using a treadmill. It isn't any easier than running outside, just different.


I use treadmill and felt it was easier for my knees too but because to go slower you need to turn it it down you feel reluctant to do it while outside this is automatic as you tire.


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