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Is treadmill ok?

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Just finished W6R3 yesterday and I feel fab. I am about to hit 60 next month and have joined slimming world and lost 2 stone in 12 weeks and am also determined to finish couch potato to 5k before the big day.

However I am not confident in doing it outside so I am in my garage on the treadmill. I am also jogging not running (yet)

Is this ok?

I am hoping once I compete CP25K I will venture outside (when the weather gets warmer lol).

This forum has been so inspiring. Thanks all

Your thoughts on

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and includes advice on many topics, including treadmill running. It is recommended that you put your dreadmill on a gradient, of at least one degree, to better simulate running outdoors.

Enjoy your journey.

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Yes treadmill is fine. Wouldn’t be my choice necessarily but each to their own! You’ll get the health benefits just the same.

I do some of my runs on a treadmill. I set it to a 1% gradient. And honestly.. I get overtaken by snails on my outdoor runs.. but the important bit is that I get up and do it. Happy birthday for next month and keep shuffling :)

Well done on completing W6R3, the real landmark run of the programme! 👏👏👏

You’re fine running on the treadmill if you don’t mind doing so - but why not give an outdoors run a go? It’s so much more interesting and no-one will give 2 hoots. Runners will applaud you and non-runners will feel sheepish for not joining in.

You clearly have massive determination so get out there and be proud of what you’re doing for yourself! 💪👍😀 👊

A run is a run, they all count (the slow ones too, thank goodness!) But honestly, you'll enjoy it so much more if you go outside. Maybe wait for a nice day 😎

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