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Suggestions on getting from W3D3 to W4D1?

Hi all, I am trying to complete C25k keeping my jogging speed at 10kph (on the treadmill). I completed week three but had to really push myself to do the last three minute run even on the third day!

I tried W4D1 yesterday and had to stop to catch my breath halfway through the first five minute run - knew it was going to be too difficult beforehand but thought I would give it a go anyway. Should I re-do week three until I am comfortable with the run or slowly increase my time from week three until I can manage W4D1? Appreciate any suggestions :)

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I would try slowing down.

This program is designed to teach you how to run for 30 minutes.....when you have achieved that, then you can gradually build up speed/pace.

I know its called c25k but most of us don't make 5k in 30 minutes till well after graduating.

If you listen to Laura, in the beginning she encourages a gentle jog to start.

Worth giving it a try any how...maybe 8.5k per hour pace ?

Hope thats some help :)


Definitely helps - appreciate the quick response!

I was reluctant to reduce my speed I guess - was being impatient in wanting to reach a 30 min 5k. :P

Just needed to hear someone say the sensible thing - 8.5kph pace sounds like a good plan. I will stay at that until I can do the full run then just up the pace.

Thanks for the suggestion - you have saved me from many disappointing W4D1 attempts! :)


Agree with gypsydepp. Slow down a bit, I am aiming just to be able to run (however slowly) for the length of time required on the podcast, I can speed up later on. Listen to Laura, she will help you through!


Thanks - have to admit I have been listening to my own music rather than the c25k audio tracks... maybe a bit of encouragement from Laura will help. :)


I'd agree with the others to slow right down, but if you really want some speed then there's no reason why you couldn't try doing some more speed interval based training as well as c25k.

I'd be tempted to look into Fartlek training (,7120,s6-238-263--12081-0,00.html there's a link about it). Now, from what I've read around you're meant to pick a landmark, run at a faster pace to that- then rinse plus repeat. However, there's no reason why you couldn't do it with time based intervals. I'd be tempted to go back to week one, and use the intervals to improve on your speed. So, for example, there's eight intervals in week one- the warm up walk, 1st interval fast, 2nd jog, 3rd walk, 4th fast, 5th jog, 6th walk, 7th fast, 8th jog. Of course, you could then tailor this further to your level of fitness and build up from there.

However, as everyone else has said, just slow down and go at your own pace for now. The key to the longer runs in the later weeks is to really pace yourself, something I found out the hard way again this morning when I set off at a flying pace for the first eight minutes, then struggled on the last run. It doesn't really matter at what speed you do it at right now, that's not the point of the program, the point of the program is to give you enough endurance to go for the full thirty minutes. :)


Thanks for all the information! I will look into using Fartlek training.

Thought about it in the past but due to my tin-pot treadmill taking a few months changing speeds I haven't tried it yet. Getting more confident with my running so will hopefully be brave enough to start public outdoor runs soon - would be a nice change of scenery. :P


I have just done W4R1. I decided to have a rest after W3R3 by repeating W3R3 after 4 days then starting W4R1 3 days later. I did W4R1 last Saturday and although it was tough I managed it. W4R2 tonight!

I would agree that slowing down is the best advice - speed can come later. I "run" at 4mph (about 6.4kph) and walk at 3mph (about 4.8kph).


Attempting W4R1 after work today - first time i tried C25k i "ran" at similar speed as yourself and managed to get to week seven before deciding I wanted to attempt it at a faster speed - had to force myself to use shorter strides on the treadmill at that pace and it felt like harder work than going at a natural pace.

Think I was just a bit too ambitious with my goals for now - will try it at a slower pace. Thanks for the response :)


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