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wk 16 rn 3 - unexpected pressy has given me a lift

3 runs this week, today's was good, 5.18k in 43 minutes so no faster really but the intervals must be paying off because today I did the distance easily and was running through strongly at the end. Also added in some exercise circuits on the off days so legs and muscles protesting too much at the moment.

OH gave me a new watch yesterday to help with my running- it has one of those twisty dials so you can see how many minutes you have been running - so cool to get something that shows he can see this has gone beyond a fad!

Lifestyle change in place- I am a runner now!

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Well done you! That sounds like a good watch. I use a Garmin but I sometimes press the wrong buttons. I think a dial would suit me better. I prefer clockwork to technology! You are definitely a runner - you have been one for 16 weeks :)


Hey! I think all volunteers should get an unexpected present ;) Will be talking to my OH soon !

Great that you're still getting out for the three runs a week. This is dedication and deserves every pressie it can get!!


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