Slow and Steady means I can still run πŸ˜€

Slow and Steady means I can still run πŸ˜€

I've been stretching and massaging my calls since Friday's osteopath visit and set off this morning as she advised to see how I got on. I walked a bit longer before running to make sure my muscles were warm and off I went. Back to snail pace and I stopped at 13 minutes to stretch and massage my legs a little then went in to run for a total of 35 minutes! I am now going to track just running distance which today was 3.67km so still a long way from 5k but I can live with that. My leg was very tight but much better by end of cool down so as long as I'm careful I can carry on.

Have since walked miles around the village with dogs which has killed my legs - don't ask! And now have 2 extra visitors in the house - again don't ask! But Max has made himself very at home on my lap! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


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17 Replies

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  • That's brilliant - well done for getting out there. Take it carefully... That's one happy looking dog!

  • I don't plan to try to go any further or faster until my legs feel right again. If necessary I will drop the time down a little. Osteopath seems to think there should be no problems as long as I'm careful. And yes that's one happy spoiled dog πŸ˜€ He would probably make a really good running mate but he's not mine 😞

  • Well done Old Possum😊 Go steady and take care 😊

  • Possum, take it easy, build slowly..😊

  • Slow and steady is the way to go. Max clearly loves posing 😊

  • Glad your out and about again, take care and be kind to yourself, slowly does it.

    I do love a happy lap dog! I know you're under there somewhere OP πŸ˜€

  • Oh, good news. Now slow, slow, slow. That Max is a proper charmer. Lovely pic!

  • Not the dreaded calf problem. I have had a stiffness and soreness in my calves, no idea where it came from and it wasn't an actual injury but so sore when I ran. I tried run-walking so I could keep going out and only this week have been able to again run for 5k without walk breaks. Hope you recover

  • It is actually linked to my foot and plantar fasciitis. So lots of stretching and painful massage 😞 Run was fine but all the subsequent walking has proved a killer, might have to have 2 days rest again. 😬

  • Hang in there :)

  • Oh Possum, yes take it nice and easy . Lovely photo and Max just looks sooo at home there draped over you like a pashmina . A very furry pashmina , Ha ha :-)

    Aw pooches, you gotta love 'em ! Love how he's got his posing face on ha ha :-D xxx

  • He is a hairy softee but he's gone home now 😞

  • What a fabulous pic! Bu**er about the calves though. Hopefully the massage and rest will have the desired effect, you'll just have to take yourself to task about not overdoing it. It's the hardest thing when you're desperate to get 'out there'. There's nothing quite like a huge furry hug to make everything better though :)

  • Yeah. I think I might have steal him when they are not looking. He is still young and lively - would make a brilliant running companion as well as a furry cuddle blanket for winter πŸ˜€

  • It is the way.. slow and steady... Great Pikkie too x

  • Lovely dog - what are the penalties for stealing a best friends dog?😎

  • :) By the way.. love the chair!

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