Race for life was amazing =D

Race for life was amazing =D

I haven't been able to post for a while, so heres alittle catch up. After all the problems with my blister i decided to take 4 weeks off, which was probably the hardest thing iv ever done! I finally got new trainers .. although im still getting sore around my blister area =/ but anyway today was the race for life, and the atmosphere was amazing! I was taking part in a 5K in brighton. I remembered the essentials like not to start too fast, and managed to keep pace quite well. i think i went round the whole track with a smile on my face. Before i knew it the 4K sign came up and i started to increase the pace. Then the finish line was in sight and I sprinted like iv never sprinted before! Managed to do it in roughly 32 minutes, which is my all time best.

I wanna do it again now!

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  • Nicely done KC, good time and looks like the weather was kind?

    it is sort of compulsive isn't it? well done 8-)

  • Great time. well done. They did it here today too but didn't enter and wished I had - oh well always next year I suppose.

  • Nice one and good time too :)

  • There must have been loads of us out there doing the Race for Life somewhere. Did mine in Salisbury this morning. Brilliant time. Well done :)

  • Well, done, you make it sound so easy, but I know it's not a lot of hard work has gone in and I hope your blisters are ok.

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