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W2R1 not too bad :) your tips for stitches worked :)

Well I'm just in the door from my first run of week 2. It was good, I was apprehensive about running for longer but it actually didn't feel like I had run for 90 seconds instead of the 60 seconds from last week. I think I'm able to recover quicker now too :)

Tried Laura's breathing thing, was able to breath out for 4 but breathing in was a different matter. Doesn't help that there are so many bugs flying around, last week I inhaled a huge fly, ick.

On every run last week, when I still had 2 60 second runs to go, I got the most painful stitches. Reading your tips on here I decided to try drinking a glass of water before I went out today - it worked, I had a tiny twinge of a stitch but it only lasted seconds. Fingers crossed that continues to work.

Looking forward to the next run :)

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take deep breaths and push you tummy out, when you breath out push tummy out again. the stitches will go


excellent, will try that if it happens again - thanks :)


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