Couch to 5K

I am broken *sighs*

W6R2 today - two ten minute runs with a short break in between. Meh, I confidently scoffed, I've ran for 20 minutes solid, I can run for two little blocks. Pride comes before a fall as the saying goes though as I couldn't even complete the first run!! I made it 8 minutes of the first run with the intention of carrying on to 10 but the dog, who is my running buddy, needed to, well you know, which meant I had to stop and I didn't start again. Then I managed to press the wrong button on my MP3 during the walk which meant I lost the part of the run I was on. I tried to re-start it to where I was but couldn't do it and ended up at the end of the cool down walk! Grr! Decided to go with the flow and run again though, as to be fair I had had a break with the dog issue so tried to run again, tried being the operative word. My breathing was all odd - especially as this point of the run is up Mt Everest - but then I got into the 'zone' and was enjoying myself but then ..... my calf started to sting** and kept twinging for no reason and then I started to think I'll walk etc. I carried on for 5 minutes of the second run but had to give up because of the pain. Hobbled home at 06:30 with head hung in shame and determined to do better next time.

**Walked (inc jog) 8 miles today and have desperately being trying to ignore the pain in my leg - anyone have any ideas what it might be? It's just my right calf. I'm flat footed so my running shoes compensate for that and lift my arches. The podiatrist approved them and the running people did a gait analysis so it can't be the shoes as surely I would have been in pain before. Any help would be appreciated or any advice on how to ease the twinges.

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Possibilities include...

1. tired're asking a lot of your body right now, and it's talking back to you...

2. stretching

3. dehydration

You have taken the right steps with your new shoes, Don't get discouraged, everyone has a bad outing sooner or later.

Good luck, and good running!


It was around the same time that I had bad runs, sometimes my legs would just stop, almost like they'd had enough. I had a rest for a few days and then changed my route completely and my play list and then seemed to get my mojo back. I have heard other similar stories on here too, don't give up.


Similar thing happened to me. See my post

for how I dealt with it.

I survived w6r2 yesterday too. W6r3 for me tomorrow (sun) hope my calves behave.


Thanks for all the suggestions & tips.

I made sure I was hydrated, took a new route (bigger hill arghh!) and really pushed myself and I did it :)


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