Head gear, do you wear it?

I have just spent £14 on a cap, I think the rain has got on my brain (water on the brain)! I was running without my specs due to the constant rain we have been having, but was finding I was getting a headache, so back to wearing them again. Then I was finding I had to take them off when they got covered in rain drops - grrrr. :(

So today I bought a very posh black/grey Ronhill stay cool cap from Run 4 It which is probably the most expensive running shop Ive ever been into and it most definately is the most expensive cap I have ever bought, I just hope it helps to keep the rain off. Does anyone else wear head gear?

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  • I wear a visor, like the tennis players wear to keep the sun out of their eyes, I like the fact that it doesn't have anything over the top of my head as i get too hot.

  • I wear OH's baseball hat when it rains - keeps the rain out of my eyes and off my glasses and slows down the rate at which my head gets wet. :)

  • I bought a Nike running hat (baseball style) last week for £6.99 from Sports Direct. I've only worn it once so far but I bought it solely for running in the rain.

  • Wore one of my dad's baseball caps in the heavy rain which really helped.

  • I wore a hat when it was cold but I'd like to find a nice visor for summer - I don't think I'd like a full hat when it is hot. I wasn't very comfy in sunglasses either - they kept sliding down my "glowing" nose - I think a visor would be a good compromise.

  • Sports Direct have nice Visors in the Golf Dept, all their hats were either men's or unisex with great big peak. The one I got is stay cool with stretch in it too, seems to be comfortable to wear too and quick dry. Cooked the dinner wearing it tonight!!!!!! :)

  • I've actually never worn anything on my head, I'm afraid of overheating!

  • Did the right thing in buying a new hat, ran like a Jaguar and knocked 1 whole minute off my PB. If I'd bought a baseball cap from Asda I'd probably have stalled before the finish line :)

  • I don't wear anything on my head due to looking like a doofus in a hat! It would, of course lessen the effects of hair dye runnage so maybe.............:)

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