Couch to 5K

W6 completed

Life a bit manic at the moment as the end of the school year is rapidly approaching and my sons' sporting fixtures, musical concerts, exams and social life seem to take priority over my own plans!! I did W6R1 for the first time in half term week but then no time to carry on with W6 so did it again last week, W6R2 at the weekend and W6R3 yesterday. The temperature had cooled down a bit by the time I ran and it was not so humid. The run actually went ok - my left calf started to hurt a bit about 5 minutes into the run but I ran through it ok. Even managed to up the pace a bit in the last minute when Laura suggests to do it if you can! Race for Life in Taunton on July 15th so I'm going to really try and run alternate days from now on as if I can stick to that then Race for Life will be my graduation run! Just got to fight for some "me" time!!

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Well done JenR and good luck for the Race for Life :-)


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