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Feeling proud

This week I've started an internship, and the first three days were a residential. The hotel we were at had a gym, and whilst I was supposed to go for a run on Monday, I couldn't bring myself to go, I was too exhausted from the long journey there on Sunday.

Tuesday morning I was lovingly woken up at 4am by a very noisy guest (although I'm not entirely sure what it was, since it was continuous walking/crashing for the whole of the day and night), and after lying awake until 6, I got myself to the gym whilst everyone else was still asleep.

I had been quite nervous about using a treadmill for my run, but it was a lovely change of style! I took the advice I was given on here, and put the incline to 1% (1.5 at first, but I flaked out after the first run). I had a bit of a struggle trying to work out the correct speeds for me, but since I was starting week 3, I didn't have to change speed much.

The prospect of the three minute run was very daunting, but I completed the entire 25 minutes or so without any issues at all! I felt great, wasn't tired out at any point. I think I may have gone a bit slower than normal, since I didn't cover much ground, but I have never felt so proud of myself before.

Week 3 run 2 was this morning, and whilst I found it more of a struggle because back at this accommodation it's quite hilly, I finished the runs and am still looking forward to my next run!

Really hoping this attitude is maintained and that I progress as well each section!

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Good on you for getting on with it considering a rough nights sleep! You know you most be motivated when that doesn't put you off :)


Well done, keep up the good work.


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