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Week 8 run 2 shambles!

Absolute disaster! I'm really cross with myself, I'm really struggling with my fibromyalgia at the moment, not really with pain but just exhaustion and total jelly for brains. I haven't written a blog post for each of my runs recently simply because they went ok but took 110% determination and totally wiped me out, so today I tried and failed :( I ate too much too late for breakfast, drank too much water before my run as I was a bit dehydrated so thought it'd be ok, how wrong was I! Walked for 5, ran for 23 and stopped, it was either that or vomit! I'm really quite gutted as if I'd just left it another hour I'd have been fine. I can't run hungry like some do, I just have no energy, and evidently I need to be a little more patient running after a cheer me up slightly carb indulgent breakfast, grrrr I'm soooo cross! I know I can do this so why oh why do constantly do these things!

Apart from that I'm doing ok, but I'm looking forward to graduating, if nothing else but just so I can go back to interval running, running for 28-30 mins is getting boring!! 22 runs down, 5 to go!

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I do sympathise with you. Fibromyalgia was one of my reasons for taking up exercise. The exercise has vastly improved things but I do have times of feeling very drained.

When I was running in the mornings, I would just have a banana about half an hour beforehand. I always, always take water with me. I know a lot of people only carry water on longer runs but I won't even go for a walk without taking a bottle of water as I need to sip little and often - at least it means I don't need to drink lots to start with.

Perhaps take a couple of sweets with you in case you need a sugar boost.

Good luck !


Stop beating yourself up! You are doing BRILLANTLY. So you got the logistics wrong but you have learnt from that. You are remarkable even trying to run with fibromyalgia and brave to admit that it wipes you out. Everyone seems to have the odd bad run - it comes with the terrority. Good luck for the next run.


I agree with RhonaL and am confident you can nail this - Good Luck :-)


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