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Week 7 Run 1, Anyone else had this problem, love to know

Two minutes into my running a deep seated pain took over my left calf. Tried to keep running but it was affecting my stride, it felt like something was pressing on a nerve and making my leg feel slightly dead ( if that's possible). Tried to carry on but by 5 minutes I felt like I was slightly dragging it. I had to stop (so so annoying). Took another 5 minutes of walking for it to disappear but tried running again and there it was again gnawing at my left calf. Not down my shin but more to the left of it. It has always been there slightly but definitely reared its ugly little head today. Maybe I need different trainers, or possibly a new leg. Any advice welcomed.

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New leg is probably out ... lol. I think you've already figured out that your trainers may need replacement....if the pain is on the front of your leg it well could be shin spints starting. I see a gait analysis in your (very) near future and probably a good pair of motion control running shoes.

RICE (Rest,Ice,Compression,Elevation) may be (ok, probably will be) helpful. Emphasis on the "rest" may need to stop running until you get it sorted.

Good luck....


Thanks so much for the advice. I am taking on board all the information and will let you know how it goes. Yes I don't want to make it any worse so I will take a longer break and see how it goes. Watch this space.


Sounds a bit like what happened to me on 17th June.

Thankfully I'm back on track after taking 8 days off


Oh so similar, thank you for that one. My pain seems to be half way down the left side of the calf. I will get my gait analysed and rest. Let you know how it goes. Thanks. I won't chop it of just yet ha ha


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