OMG. It says 'Graduate' on my blog posts!!

Just logged in and realised JR21 has added the magic green 'Graduate' badge to my name. Whooped so loud hubby asked what was going on! I'm so excited! Can't wait to show the kids in the morning! I was always the kid who was picked last for the team, came last in the races on sports day and tripped over my own feet at every opportunity. When I was growing up my friend had a cupboard full of medals and plaques for sports and Irish dancing and I never even got one, (well I did get one - for coming second in a quiz) so it feels amazing to have done well at something physical. OK Paula Radcliffe will still sleep easy in her bed and it might be a while before I can actually do 5k in 30mins but - OMG I'm a graduate and it's written up there for everyone to see!!!


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  • Congratulations, I know how you feel. Aren't we wonderfully. Now book that park run, go on do it. I am waiting for your blog to say you have booked it.

  • Thanks Mrslazy I registered for the parkrun but when I had a look at the times they are all pretty fast. I think I will have to speed up a bit tho there was a note to let them know if you were going to be really slow. Presumably they would send out search parties and rescue dogs!

  • Badges are so well deserved and you are right to feel proud; it's a huge achievement!

  • Thanks TJFlute. The encouragement from all the people on this site and the volunteer team has been great.

  • Congratulations! A big well done from me :)

  • Thanks AliB1 Well done to you too. :-)

  • Congratulations! :)

  • Thanks HollyO. Good luck with your Race for life. :-)

  • Well done. Give yourself a huge pat on the back :)

  • Thanks Anonymous36. Love your picture from the Parkrun. All 7 next year? ;-)

  • Thank you. Oh yes all 7 next time, I'll see you there;)

  • Congratulations !

    I have 4 more runs to go before graduating but i am looking forward to the day i will have my green badge too !

  • Thanks Soniarota Nearly there! If you can do 28 mins, you can do 30! Good luck and I will look forward to seeing your graduation blog :-)

  • Congratulations!

  • thanks ggcd. It's taken more than 9 weeks but it's been great!

  • I doesn't matter how long take you. Be proud. You did it! keep up with the good work. :-)

  • Whoopee!! Well done you, I've just got mine too and I know how you feel when it's up there for all to see.

    :) :) :)

  • Thanks BettyTwinkle. Delighted to see you have graduated too! I have been kind of keeping an eye out for others who were at a similar stage in the programme. Well done! :-)

  • Its a great feeling i got mine today too :)

  • Congratulations icandothis (and to icandothistoo!). lovely to see people I think of as my contemporaries on this programme getting their badges too. Just have to figure out how to keep up the momentum now! :-)

  • you echo everything i say and think about myself, always picked last for sports things and now here i am, whizzing ahead and finishing our local race for life half an hour before my mates!!! very well done and dont let anyone take that feeling from you, you have worked for it and it's YOURS xxx

  • Thanks AnnaJ. One of the great things about C25K is that the only person you have to compete against is yourself. But I am looking forward to the day when I overtake someone! :-)

  • Congratulations Pingle! Isn't that green badge just the loveliest thing? You worked hard for it and you deserve it!

  • Thanks Grammadog. I am ridiculously pleased with myself. I hope your knee gets better soon and you can get back running. I'll be cheering you on! Love Pingle :-)

  • I have only done two runs of week 1, will be doing third on Saturday, reading all the posts on this site is giving me huge encouragement and even though it's very early days the thought of a Graduate badge is in extra incentive. Roll on Saturday morning! P S congratulations :-)

  • Thanks Jlow. It's a great programme! I really did not dream when I started back in Feb and barely finished W1 R1 that I would keep going in spite of setbacks and that I would be able to run for 30 minutes. Good luck. I will watch out for your graduate post in about 8 weeks!

  • Congratulations Pingle, isn't it a wonderful feeling??? I've never been a sporty person, and when I tell people that I am a runner, they still look at me surprised, but I know I can do it, you can do it, we are all graduates and we can all do it!!


  • Thanks Carol I still don't really believe I am a runner but working on it. I love your blogs so your are not just a runner but an inspirational runner!

  • Thank you Pingle, I try my best to inspire others to carry on with the programme. It will be the best investment you ever made in your body fitness wise....don't stop!


  • Well done! I completed the challenge today and cannot wait for my badge :D

  • Well done! It really is a great feeling of acheivement isn't it! Congratulations! :-)

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