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I thought I would make brief blog posts, just for here, on some of my rest days so that those of you who would like to can learn a bit about me.

For this first blog, I'll share a bit about my childhood. After all, where better to start than at the beginning?

I was born in early August nearly 35 years ago in America and was raised in a small town in Missouri, smack in the middle of what is commonly called "The Bible Belt". My family consisted of two sisters, my Mom and my Dad, anywhere from one to three foster siblings, and an array of cats, dogs, and birds. My parents split up when I was eight years old and my Mother did her best to raise me to become a courteous, intelligent person. Although I raised as a Jehovah's Witness for the first eight years of my life, we weren't really that religious and soon after I turned nine, we left the church.

When I reached puberty, I got really into religion for some reason and joined a local Southern Baptist Church. Doing this really caused me a lot of grief and mental pain as my Mother raised me to be inquisitive and to never take things at face value. Basically, this meant that I questioned everything the Baptist church said. For some reason the pastors didn't really like that.

In high school I was very studious, getting nearly all As and Bs. I also ran a lot, often skipping classes and lunch to run laps around the track. Sadly, I stopped running after graduating.

I moved to England in December 2001, living in and around Blackburn for four years before moving to Cheshire with my then three year old son in August 2005.

That's a very basic run-through of my life. :)

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Hello and welcome :)


Hope you enjoy your first run. Have fun.


Welcome! :)


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