Tee shirt update...views please

Progress is being made...

I have found a really helpful company who print running gear in small/medium quantities and would be prepared to supply us all individually through their web site. The company is called Fastrax and the MD is himself a keen runner and fully supports the C25K programme.

They can offer a choice of two colours and two styles, one mens/unisex and one womens, with three transfers being printed on each shirt. The shirts are made from technical wicking fabric.

Terry (the MD) suggests having the NHS Logo on the front right shoulder, fastrax on the top left, Couch to 5k across the front (most photos are taken from the front) and GRADUATE or another slogan for non-graduates on the back. One of his suggestions was a brief description of each week or something like Giving it 9 for Laura...

If admin are happy to do it we could set up a link from the NHS site through to fastrax so that we can view, order and pay online.

I have sent JR21 message asking if he is happy to do this and to get confirmation that they are happy to use the NHS logo.

Cost of the shirts would be nearing but not exceeding £20.

Could you let me know if you would be happy with this and if you would be interested in buying one please?

The shirt can be seen on this link - it is the easy dry technical tee shirt.



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58 Replies

  • Count me in.

  • Happy to buy

  • Yes please :)

  • I would like a crop top with the same logo and stuff; do you think this would be a possibilty BTX4? ('m guessing not but fingers crossed)

  • I will ask Terry - guess that once they have the logos it might be possible to print them onto other garments too...

  • Good work BTX4, I would defiantly buy one. Think it's best to keep it simple so people can read it when we ZOOM past :D

  • Like :)

  • Hi everyone,

    I've posted this on a couple of threads. I've got the go ahead to get some t-shirts made from NHS Choices' coffers. I'm going to ask the designer who put together the artwork for the programme to put something together and I'll share those designs with you before we get them printed. You've all made great progress, especially Gillian, so I'll try to turn this round as quickly as possible.

    One question - would you prefer simple cotton t-shirts or the 'breathable' fabric they use in athletic gear? I don't know if we'll be able to get a range of styles (crop tops etc...) but I'll see what I can do.



  • This is very good news John. I always run in a crop top because otherwise I overheat so I would love this option, but I would support/buy anything with the NHS C25K logo on it!

  • Definitely wicking..

  • Sounds great. I'll have whatever you can get. Obviously breathable seems better but im ok with a tee otherwise.

  • Brilliant thank John, wicking and a vee neck would be my first choice.

    Thanks to BTX for pushing this and getting it this far :)

  • I agree. Thank you for organising this on our behalf

  • This is fab news! Would prefer wicking fabric and will definitely buy one.

  • Being on hormones, proper athletic gear is best for me as my internal temperature gauge tends to be a bit wonky.

  • like these and love the idea of vibrant colours :)

  • i am in

  • I'm loving the ladies V neck but would only buy if it was wicking. Well done both John and BTX4

  • Well done BTX 4and JR21! Would prefer wicking but would still buy an ordinary T. Love the T shirts at Fastrax - great colours, decent price, can't wait to see the final logos. I want one NOW!

  • Brilliant! Definitely would like one - wicking with a round neck would be my preferred choice

  • Brillant. Thanks for making this happen. Wicking please.

  • yes please,wicking would be perfect

  • Oo yes! Looked at the fastrax link and the t shirts look great! I think the breathable fabric is best. I would definitely buy one or maybe two!

  • count me in - preference would be wicking and v neck if possible.

    thanks for pushing this BTX4! we will all be able to recogonise each other at our meet up in September

  • Ha ha, yes, we can all be sporting C25K tee shirts!

  • Yes, I'll buy one, wicking, V neck if poss

  • i'd buy a wicking v neck too

  • I agree- v neck and wicking. Thank you for organising this on our behalf

  • Count me in!!

  • Count me in too! I will be so proud to wear it!

  • Count me in !!!

  • Count me in too - wicking and V-neck. Round necks make my face look fat - LOL!

  • Me too!

  • Yes please :-) wicking and v neck also. I think this is a great idea

  • Count me in, and thanks for taking this forward. Definitely wicking. Prefer round neck but wouldn't die in the ditch over it.

  • Wicking and v neck please. :)

  • great I would like one too, only question is mentioned 2 colours, maybe choice of a bright colour or black if we can only have 2 choices

  • Wicking and v neck for me too please ANC thank you :)

  • thanks so much for sorting this, i will buy, prefer wicking but would buy to wear with jeans if not xx

  • Fantastic ! Wicking...V neck.

    Love the colours, might even have 2 ! :)

  • Wicking V neck and count me in

  • Wicking and V neck - and white preferable to black for me if possible :-)

  • this is an excellent idea! I would love l graduate on it, i'm very proud of my self! thank you for looking into this :-)

    I don't think the world is ready for me in a crop top ;-)

  • Brilliant, well done BTX4, love the v neck, wickings good too & love the colours at fasttrax - a real running shirt - now I just need to be a real runner!

  • And another thing, love the idea of the C25K being our "club logo" - we're all members of a running club now!

  • Yes please. Wicking. And I love the tag someone suggested weeks ago "Faster than the couch" but there are people better at this creative stuff than me!

    Oh, and I did my first parkrun today and ended up describing this community as a virtual running club as we've never met, we don't run together but we live it together, set each other targets and goals and most importantly, we provide support and inspiration. I think that's pretty good for an online community forum!

  • Did you know you can put NHS C25K as your running club on your parkrun registration, if you follow the links from your next newsletter, I have added it to mine. Andrea

  • A bit late to the party (as usual) but the T shirts are a fantastic idea. Count me in.

  • Im a latecomer too, Id be happy to buy one. Love it that there is a choice of colours too. Well done to BTX4 and you John.

  • I would buy one - pref v neck and def pref wicking, Thanks for the time and effort on doing this! Andrea x

  • John - Ditto for me!

    Hey Andrea!

  • I would buy one also. Would it be possible to buy from Ireland? Would like v neck and wicking.

  • V-neck and wicking for me please

  • V-neck, wicking and bright colour. T-shirt a great idea, looking forward to buying one asap!

  • Brilliant way to promote the programme :) I would love "tell Laura ... I did it" on my graduation t-shirt

  • Love the idea...lol tell Laura I did it...

    Would defo buy one v neck and wicking cheers

    claire xxx

  • Where can I get one from? Fab idea.

  • defo - fab idea...

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