Please help! What size graduation T-shirt do I go for? And which colour? And black or white logo? Blimey, decisions, decisions, decisions!

I usually wear very baggy loose T-shirts, but having lost some weight I'm wondering whether to go for a women's fitted top.

I'm a size 12ish. Can anyone advice which size top to get?

Which is the most popular colour top and logo?

Can you exchange your T-shirt if it is the wrong size?

Thank you in anticipation of your replies,


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  • One of each!!!!! We need to order also!

  • I'm normally a size 12 top (I measure 37") but according to the size charts for the t shirt I was an XL! I went for the medium and it fits perfectly. It's not tight but it's not baggy either. I had the berry with black

  • I'd be inclined to go for the logo in the same colour as the underarm mesh.

  • I'm a size 10 (still can't believe I can say that, it's been over a year now) and I ordered a medium, it's loose but at least there'e room to wear a long sleeve top underneath. Mines royal blue with white logo.

  • The measurements they give are under the armpits rather than over the chest so after following advice here I went for a medium, being a size 10/12 on top, and it is fine; not tight at all.

    Like groovychick I too went for the berry with black logo to match the underarm mesh - looks great!

    I am not yet a graduate but have this ready and waiting to wear for when I do!!

  • I took a medium and I'm a 10-12, its berry with black logo, I love it. Plenty of room for a long sleeve top under it too.

  • Does the black logo stand out ok on the berry top? I'd imagine it's a bit lost against the darker toned tops and obviously when I graduate I plan to shout it from the rooftops to anyone that will listen!

    What's the delivery times on them too? I'd like to receive it for graduation. :)

  • Yes its pretty big, bang in the middle so cant be missed!! The berry isnt that dark either. Mine took just over a week to arrive and came through the letterbox so no having to go and collect from the PO which is a billy bonus!

  • Thanks. I've gone and ordered one. Berry with black also.

    It may be a bit presumptuous of me having only just finished week 6 but hey, I have a goal with a treat at the end now! And I WILL wear that tshirt starting at week 10! :D

  • I didn't know you could get a t-shirt, how do you order them? will give me some incentive for the last push if I know this is on it's way

  • Thanks to everyone for their help. At the moment I'm going to go for a medium berry with black logo. But, Ido keep changing my mind!

    karenberry13 - you'll find the tops at I hope you find it easier to make a decision than me!

  • Ok ladies, thats you sorted, but I was wondering the same for the blokes. Despite having lost 2 stone ( and my moobs being somewhat reduced :) ) according to the website I'm a XXL at 40" inch chest. Thought to myself that this can't be right ! All this effort and I seem to have gone up a couple of sizes!!! Anyone know what size I shoud ordering?

  • The Complete runner womens sizes are pretty weird. The basic t-shirt is from Fastrax though and their womens sizing makes more sense so probably the mens is more accurate too! Good luck. :-)

  • Aha....those size guides make far more sense. Tks.

  • Fastrax don't have the C5K Graduate on them.

  • That's right but they make the basic T's which complete runner print with the logo. Fastrax sizing seems to make more sense! :-) I would be XXL with complete runner but L with Fastrax. Ordered the bigger size and it is definitely 2 sizes too big but fortunately I like big and baggy. Will go down a couple of sizes for my next one and let you know how I get on!

  • I ordered my long sleeved T shirts the website. They came yesterday-one of each. I had ordered them in Large, as that is my size-wrong! I am definitely suffering from dysmorphia. I looked like Wee Willie Winkie, running through the town in my nightgown! I phoned Andy and he laughed. Returning them to complete runner is no problem and I will get a refund for my postage too. I've reordered by return of post size Small. I hadn't taken into consideration the 5kgs I have lost in weight over 6 weeks (come to a bit of a plateau now).

  • I lik it!

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