Would anyone else like C25K Tee shirts?

I would love to be able to advertise the c25k programme to the world and wonder if there is any chance that the admin people could organise tee shirts for us to wear?

I noticed that at the Parkruns have shirts to celebrate 50, 100 and 250 (!!!) runs. I'm not suggesting that they are given out as I think they are at the Parkruns but I for one would be happy to buy one.

If we had a few designs maybe we could have a poll to vote for the favourite one? Have 'graduate' shirts too?

Now that there are so many people joining the community and lots of members are participating in runs around the country this could be a good time to start advertising in this way. It would also give us a feeling of belonging to a group and recognising fellow c25kers...

Anyone else interested?


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90 Replies

  • I'd like one and I'd be happy to pay for one.

  • Good idea, I'd pay for one too.

  • Put me down for one. Excellent idea!

  • Yes!! Me too please :)

  • Good idea i'd really like one, it would be interesting to see just how many people are doing C25K while out and about. i reckon there's loads out there in hiding!

  • Yes, I iften wonder when I see people running with their ear phones in if they are doing c25k. Mind you, it might encourage you to stop and talk to them rather than carrying on running past :)

  • Whenever i see someone in running gear walking with their ipod on i always like to think that they're on C25K! Would be nice to meet other people in my area too that are doing it or have done it

  • Yes, sounds good! Will they be wicking, breathable, compressing and otherwise totally high-tech? And even more important, will they match my trainers? ;-)

  • Let's hope so.

    I would like to see them made of wicking fabric and generous in size for those of us who are generous in proportions :)

    Mabe a couple of styles - loose fit or fitted fit ???

  • There's a website here that does custom wicking tshirts acorn-printing.co.uk/menswe...

    we would have to come up with our own design though, any designers amongst us?

  • Yes definitely! I often think there should be a hidden hand signal to give to fellow joggers who look like they may be doing C25K ;)

  • lol

  • sorry not a designer but i am definitely interested in purchasing!

  • I think a tee shirt is a good idea. The website Rose885 suggests is interesting and they seem reasonably priced.

    It may be up to us to organise with permission from the program.

  • I'd love one and I'm really keen to encourage others to take Cto5K up.

    I'd quite like something just with the logo.

  • Yes the website that Rose suggests looks really good.

    I will ask JR21 (admin) for his assistance....

  • Yes - would love one

    Petite womens fit with a flattering V or low scoop neck

    Am I being too picky?

  • There is an American website selling c25k t shirts zazzle.com/c25kcom

  • And they do petite! :)

  • Oh I would buy 1 or even 2, I think C25K is the best thing ever and would be delighted to advertise it to the world. :)

  • Yes definitely interested. Maybe they should be government subsidised given the potential reduction in cost to the NHS now we are so much fitter and less depressed? Just a thought.... ;)

  • I have sent John in admin a message and asked for his help.

    Keep your suggestions coming through!!!

  • Great idea - I'd love one too. I'd like it to say, "C25K changed my life", but it may sound too OTT

  • Like it :)

  • It's true though

  • I would like one too, my preference would be black (more slimming - still a way to go ;-) ) but would buy another colour if not possible.

  • c25k.com do some but I would rather eat my own liver than wear one of them as they are very very tacky indeed. Sorry - that's the same as the Zazzle site ones anonymous36 mentioned.

    Something restrained but tasteful (and wicking) would part me from my cash however.

  • I agree the design needs work ;)

    I'd be happy to wear a c25k made from cotton if I was wearing it loose, maybe over my own wicking tops.

  • Anonymous,

    I think you'd find that the wicking top would wick to the cotton and make it wet. You are adding a nonwicking layer to a wicking one which means you might as well just not have the wicking one? Do I make any sense at all??


  • I think you may have made a valid point! ;)

    All of my current running clothes are wicking material so I'd not even considered what would happen if I added cotton.

  • I would also like something in black

  • Definitely interested in buying one of these. Soon please!!

  • Brilliant idea! Maybe some running hats/visors too !?

  • Yes! More than happy to pay for a couple.

    And a cap!

    And a bum-bag! :):):)

  • Maybe there could be two designs a 'pre-graduation' one and a 'I've graduated!' one.

  • Yes...anything....just want to "advertise" C25K to the world!

  • Yup me too, though I suspect there are "corporate standards" for logos and colour schemes etc !

  • Greg I suspect that you are absolutely right.

    I have sent a message to John asking him to read this thread and see if he can help organise something.

    What a fantastic business opportunity!!!

  • It might raise enough to buy us all lunch at the C25K Croydon Grand Prix in September ;-)

    I would take a good quality wicking or compression in black, plain except for C25K across the shoulders at the back !

  • would def help us recogonise each other!

  • And if Laura is coming then she could wear one too :)

  • I would buy one too, i've told loads of people about C25K, and yes it would be interesting to see if anyone else running along the seafront had one

  • Maybe "Laura keeps me running"?

  • I would buy one - I would love to. This is a health promotion initiative that is WORKING and it needs publicity. Can't understand why they are not doing more. It is a perfect story for the health pages of the dailies especially since it isn't someone selling a book about running like Matt Roberts (I used to work in 'communications' in the NHS). There are so many surprising people, running for different reasons, often completely new to running, some of us 'older exercisers'. It is a gift of a story. I read a post where someone said they asked their GP if it was ok to do the programme and the GP was virtually handing them their trainers. But how many GPs know about it? There is also a great story about the use of this website to provide a support community for people doing the plan. Phew, I feel better for getting that off my chest!

  • Well said. Totally agree with you. A huge opportunity.

  • I am a GP,am currently Week 6 and cannot believe how effective this programme is. Would be great if we could get some promotional materials for waiting areas etc. I will be happy to recommend it and patients already seen me out running so I am living proof!

  • I also work for the NHS and cannot beleive that there is not more publicity -this is a MAJOR sucess story, big impact and minimal cost. I would love to know how many people have started the programme and have benefited from it, (maybe Laura for running 'Tzar'!!!) There will be more than are part of this website, but do the admin team know how many are signed up?

    AsI was a fully signed up member of the anti-excersise club my friends can't beleive it (also lost 11lb, one friend at least as signed up on hearing this news!)

    I am telling everyone I know about it

  • Yes would like a Tshirt in wicking fabric. Women's style but please not pink.

  • It seems as though the consensus is for black wicking tee shirts with the C25K logo across the back? Wonder if we could have the option to add our own slogan on too?

    JR21 where are you? We are champing at the bit :)

  • Id like to be able to add my name to it so if I wore it during a race (excellent free marketing time) people could shout my name and spur me on (I've seen and heard them do it at races hubby has taken part in). Even just supplying the iron-on letter transfers would be ok, that's what charities do with the vests they supply to their runners.

  • Great idea!

  • Great idea, put me down for a couple:)

  • brilliant I'm up for this one, maybe the logo could be an elegant runner outline like those stone age horses drawn out of just a few lines - black is a bit hot for the summer so maybe a lighter colour as well, definitely a "graduate c25k" shirt required

  • I'd love a graduate T-shirt once I've finished

  • C25K across the shoulders in the same font the old black "Sub 4" vests used to be done, back in the days when a sub 4 minute mile was special!

    Some retro running chic!

  • a competition to design the logo which might get people looking at the nhs website and interested in the c25k

  • Definitely! But please make it a flattering shape and neck! What a fab way to promote C25k. It's crazy isn't it how many people seem to have suddenly taken up running - feels like a great big family!

  • Yes, that's a great idea! I'd like one and would also be happy to pay!

  • What a good idea - It would be great if we could get them done for our get together run in September.

  • Im only new to running,I've always wanted to be able to run & it feels so good of the massive improvement over a short period of time (on wk3). I too work in doctors surgery & know there is very little publicity for this!

    I'm all for a t.shirt, brilliant suggestion, let's keep it going

    P.S what's this meeting in sept?

  • couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

    here is a more up to date position...date confirmed in Sept!

  • Great idea, i'd buy one

  • Would definately buy one of these if they were available..... Proud to be a graduate........

  • I would love to have a T-shirt like this, preferrably with some form of NHS logo on it so it is clear that this is a 'healthy' thing to do! and as I approcah graduation (with some difficulty) I know I would be pleased to get one with a 'graduate' bit on it!

  • Wow we are having a great response and the idea is obviously very popular :)

    All we need now is JR21 to assist - John are you out there????

  • I'd love one too, I think its a fab promotion of C25K especially being overweight and seen outside or in the gym running - it could help others think differently about their own lifestyle and what can be acheived.

  • Any colour that goes with a bright red face!

    I wholeheartedly agree that we should publish our sucess and would suggest the tops have the link to the NHS Choices website. I understand you pay for some C25K downloads. I am also sure we would leave flyers in appropriate places if we had them- work, waiting rooms etc

  • I had a go at designing my own on zazzle - it has

    I'm a proper runner

    On the front and

    Couch to 5k graduate 2012 on the back

    It came out at around £18 each though - is this too much?

    We also couldn't use the nhs logo withou their permission


  • Love the idea - plain black wicking with maybe small C25K logo on chest and something written on the back across the shoulders?

  • I neeeeeeeeed one.......

  • Hopefully JR21 will be back soon and can help us....

  • I'd like one too!

  • great idea, I often wonder who else plodding round the park is listening to Laura. It would be great if you could have weks 1- 9 printed on it and then score them out with a colourfast pen! now im just being silly!!!!

  • Fab idea...

    You could then write GRADUATE at the end :)

  • Great idea! I'd love one x

  • i would consider buying. in my mind i think the same sort of style vest top the fitmums have, but maybe in a different colour - not everyone a fan of pink! i would go for choice of 2 colours, white and either navy or black?

  • Great idea. Couch to 5k is such a brilliant thing it would be great to promote it. I wanted to run for years and didn't know how to begin. I only came across C25K by chance (reading the free Tesco magazine in the bath). I'm sure there must be others who would give it a try if they only knew about it.

  • Just googled fitmums as I hadn't heard of them before. What a good idea. I guess you have to pay to belong and there don't seem to be many groups? Like the vests but as you say not in pink....

  • I think its great and would love a t shirt.

  • I'd love one as well - brilliant idea!

  • I think it should just say 'I'm listening to Laura' on the front!

  • Hehe. "The voice in my head is called Laura."

  • FABULOUS IDEA!!! I really really want one NOW...!!!!! Let me shout out to the world how proud I am of my huge achievement!!!

  • This is a fantastic idea. I'm very interested, would love one or maybe two, one which hopefully says, Graduate!!

  • I too would like a t-shirt and a graduation t-shirt sounds fab too, would gladly pay for one to get the word out there. I tell everyone about it anyway but a t-shirt would be great

  • I would gladly pay for a t-shirt. So far I've recommended this to 7 people who've taken it up and love it, but had never heard of it before. Anything to advertise it and generate a bit of a community feel sounds like a great idea.

  • any nearer to having info about this? ive decided i definatley want one, nhs choices couch to 5k on front and im listerning to laura on the back would be great. i would be prepared to pay £20 or so

    i like the idea of having your name somewhere on the front too

  • No unfortunately no word from the admin people despite repeated requests. It is beginning to frustrate me....I have contacted John and even Laura but to no avail....what are we to do, any ideas????

  • Would love one too!

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