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Cheesed off

Got to Week 9 run 1, completed it, but felt sore in the groin area the day after, and the day after that................

Its now been three weeks since my last run, and last night I felt that I could risk a short walk to test the pain/recovery - as soon as I got into the walk, i could feel it.

Im getting really cheesed off now!! Been doing stretches, ice, heat packs, deep heat, feet up - rest, lots of rest - but seemingly to no avail.

Got a 10k in September, and need to get a move on - any advice?

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I noticed someone else posted a blog on groin problems on 17th June. If you want to check out his groin :D go to tags and highlight "groin". There are a couple of replies. Hope you get sorted out and are back to full fitness soon :)


Hi there, fellow groin sufferer here !

Did mine in on 29th may and gave it one weeks rest.

Did 2 runs that week and was obviously too soon.

So, last run was 14th june and have been advised by a uk athletics running coach that i should do nothing until next monday at the earliest.

That will be nearly 3 weeks.

I'm literally going out of my mind! will get better and only a little fitness will be lost.

Be patient and don't make the same mistake as me and start running too soon, I've really paid for it.



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