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W9R3 and 5K. This is the greatest day!

Really didn't think I would get to do my graduation run this weekend as we had 4 elderly rellies come to stay and I was busy feeding them, keeping them entertained, making sure they could watch fave TV programmes and fetching newspapers! However waved a fond goodbye to them all in the late afternoon, little'um in bed early, older one finishing off some homework, hubby watching football and it was still light out, so I thought - What the heck. I usually run mid morning and I was a bit nervous about running in the evening especially after eating so much over the weekend but one thing I have learned from this site is that it is generally better to just go for it! I told myself that I would not be disappointed if I did not make the 30 minutes (I lied!) and it would be better to run tonight than in the morning as I would have to rush off food shopping tomorrow. (It's amazing how much the 80+ contingent eat - no bird like appetites in my family!)

Off I went, I had optimistically clocked a 5k route in the car earlier in the week, I went slowly (I always go slowly!) to see how I felt, but it was OK so I carried on to the 2.5 mark and turned around. At 30 minutes I felt I could run forever and I so wanted to actually do 5 K. Amazingly the legs seemed to feel freer and I kept going - even managed to put on a bit of a spurt for the Sunday smokers outside the pub! I ran through the 5 minute cooldown music and my MP3 player looped around to the first podcast. So I ran the last bit to 'This is the greatest day' (remember that?) which seemed entirely right. At my 5K landmark I put my hands in the air and broke through the (imaginary) winning tape. I was hot, sweaty, exhausted and felt a bit sick but totally exhilarated. (41 mins and 51 secs since you ask) :-)

This programme is brilliant, Laura is brilliant and the people on this blog are brilliant! I would certainly not have managed without all 3. I hope I will be able to keep the motivation and build on this acheivement. My next goal is to go a bit faster and maybe do a parkrun.Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and your inspirational blogs! Love Pingle

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well what a way to graduate thats a great time too



Lovely! Well done, you made it happen.


Well done Pingle. What a fantastic way to graduate. Sounds like you really enjoyed it too.


Great blog, well done. Congrats on graduating.


Congratulations! :)


Hear, hear!

Well done on graduating especially with such style!

I love the user name it's almost Pringle ;-)


Thought of that too after I had registered it! Taking up running as a fat laden crisp - Hmm not ideal. The Pingle came from Bagpuss. The mice sing

'Here's a pin and here's a pingle

Porcupines are always single

They must never, never mingle

Pingle pangle pingle!'

Think I may watch too much children's TV!


well done, that's brilliant, I too just graduated and it is the best feeling :-) like you I too could not have done it without Laura and the podcast and all the tips and encouragement on the blogs!!:-)


Well Done - Congratulations :-)


Ooo wow, I LOVE bag puss! Saggy old baggy old bagpuss. But Emily loved him!

I also like the crisps, too!



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