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Getting started - trying to be brave!

Hello everyone,

I am hoping to start the programme this week, after a few weeks of hesitation and a holiday away. I put on a fair bit of weight and have become quite unfit after having my daughter. I would say it is all baby weight, but fear it is more biscuit weight! Have been trying to choose suitable music, which i think will be quite motivational for me. also trying to work out what I am going to wear is proving problematic, feel a little self-concious just thinking about it! planning my first run for tuesday night, maybe along the beach!

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Oh, jealous of beach run! I've been out in leggings & a long length top before. I'm now at the stage of really zoning out & don't care anymore what people think.

You won't need music if you use the Laura podcasts, as there's music on them, may not be to your taste, but I guess they've been chosen for pace.

Good luck, it's one of the best things I have ever done!


i run along the beach, and believe me there is always lots of people of all abilities out running, wear what you feel comfortable in the important thing is these other people will always say hi or smile when you pass its so encouraging. just follow the podcast and you and Laura will be fine


Welcome! Its great here. You will find loads of support, and Laura on the podcast will ease you in gently. Good luck :)


Welcome you'll find the forums here and the podcasts great, i've just started week 3 and this is the best thing I've done it never ceases to amaze me how i can do more every week. Good luck and have fun :)


Hello! Don't be scared, We all felt (still do sometimes) a little uncomfortable, embarrassed or just stupid when running, I know I do but what you need to remember is you are doing something good, something just for YOU and it is so rewarding in so many ways. From the first run I was hooked, I love the feeling it gives me and the health benefits are amazing. Enjoy the ride, we are all here to help and encourage :)


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