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Trying to get back on track

I have been doing really well with the programme up to week 7 and being quite strict with myself and pushing myself on when I wanted to stop.

I completed W7R1 but then tried a new route which was downhill to start and then uphill after that - I failed - only managing 19 minutes. Since then it's as if in my head t's ok for me to fail and have only managed my 25 minutes once since on my familiar route.

I did have a whole week off because of my 40th birthday party, guests, over-indulgence etc etc! Tried again this morning and managed 22.5 minutes.

Think I might start week 7 again - but I need the little voice in my head back which never let me stop before.

Any tips


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Your week 7 sounds very much like what my w8 was so...my top tip would be accept that sometimes you just have bad run (s) so draw a line under it and keep going If I were you I'd do one more w7 and move on to w8.

Also, you haven't failed as you did 19 mins / 22.5 mins etc...think back 6 weeks and what you were doing then!!! You are doing great, keep at it and you will get there


AliB is a wise sage, and knows what he is talking about. You haven't failed, and you are definitely going to be able to get back on the band wagon.

Confidence is tricky. Maybe spend some time visualizing yourself completing the run. Consider enlisting a friend (who won't have trouble keeping up) to come with you and cheer you on. Even if a constant running buddy is hard to come by, having a temporary bonus "personal trainer" to keep you accountable could help. Once you have proved to yourself that you really can do it, and you are just going to make yourself do it, you will be back on track again.


Thanks guys - won't give up - this programme has made me feel so fantastic - I really want to keep running part of my life.

Onwards and upwards!


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