Couch to 5K

W8R3 tonight before Sunday's BIG RUN :(

For some reason I'm finding week 8 really tough, even though I sailed through week 7.. I actually think its all in my mind, because the additional three minutes are not that much really - and when Laura says '14 mins done, only another 14 mins to go'... groan!!!

Its the race for life 10k on sunday which also falls on W9R1 lol! I'm running 10k which I originally signed up for in February, a month before I decided to play with traffic (cyclists not cars!) and couldn't walk properly for a while. I was going to give up doing the 10k but then I thought that if I can do 5k (which I'm averaging out at the mo), then I can do 10k with a mix of running and walking... fingers crossed!

Wish me luck! :)

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Week 8 eh? You'll be a Graduate before you know it ;) Well done for still going for it even with your incident :) Keep it up & let us know how you got on with the Race for Life :)


Gosh - good for you! 10K will be a massive achievement :) Good luck with that and keep posting on here! :)


Well, you and me both! Really really good luck; you are an absolute star for doing it so early on, it's taken me ages to find the nerve (actually I still have found it but giving it a go anyway!!)


All the best 10K wow, cant imagine that myself


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