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Yah.........1st run of week 8 completed

Well after a lot of procrastinating, such as was going to do this yesterday but didnt fancy running in heavy rain yesterday............Today still raining oh well the worst that can happen is I will get wet. So off I trundled, did my 5 min brisk walk, ran for 28 mins and then cooled down walk for 6 mins and covered the 5k, yippee... I shall be running the whole 5k soon. wow I so happy with myself. Still off the fags 14 days today, all is looking well, now its time for a rest and a little snack. I have gained about 4lbs since stopping smoking but to be fair I have been eating crap, so I have given myself until Monday to eat what I want then come monday its back to healthy eating, its a whole new me lol :)

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Wow! Well done!! And congrats for being off cigarettes for 14 days - it's not easy but well done for committing to it :) Keep it up!!


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