This isn't me...... I've changed!!!

I can't believe I am actually sitting here at work, waiting to go home so I can complete W3 R3 tonight!! I actually WANT to go and 'plod' my way through the session! What happened, when did I become an enthusiast?? lol

Ok, so it's on a treadmill in the garage and not very exciting, but it's my time and I'm feeling good about myself for doing something for me..... the podcasts are great, they make it achievable and 3 weeks have made all the difference to my outlook - I can push myself, I can feel good, I CAN RUN!! (well, plod really, but I'm moving and that's the main thing) :)

I am already looking forward to pushing myself in W4 as well.........

I've definately changed - no more couch potato!


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  • Way to go you! Does not matter how your doing it as long as you are ! I am week 3 as well and doing my last run tonight! So good luck and all the best for week 4 :-)

  • You too :D

  • Good luck with your last run for W3!

  • Hi,

    I started to enjoy it around week three after the first two weeks of pain.

    I'm now on week 7 Run 3 and the enjoyment and sense of achievement just gets bigger and better with each week, especially week 6 run 3. Make sure you listen right to the end of the warm down walk on that one !!

    Keep up the good work and good luck on W4 :-)

  • Thank you :) Well done on your progress too :)

  • Well done ex couch potato, its good isn't it?!? Good luck for the rest of the programme, but hey don't stay in the garage all the time, your not getting really good fresh air and sunshine in there and it doesn't cost anything to run on the pavements and its less boring too, although there are little obstacles like ups and downs to contend with. Enjoy it whatever way you decide to do it though.

  • Thank you :) I do plan to get outside and give it a whirl, but I live in a very hilly village so wanted to build up my confidence a bit first!! And the fact that I am very overweight (about 4 stone) makes me very self conscious, so I wanted to be able to do a few minutes without stopping before I 'go public' :D

  • LOL... I think there are lots of us "in hiding" :)

  • Well to the cult of Laura :)

  • haha Thanks! :)

  • Welcome ! ( I think that either my keyboard or brain needs a new battery)

  • Thats the spirit! Iam overweight too and although I run outside, it is very early in the morning, so as not to scare the wildlife! However, today Iam going to run at 5pm for the first time. I love your attitude and will think of you when Iam plodding along. I have only just graduated so itrs still early days for me too. Go us! :)

  • How did your change of time go for your run? I prefer to run in the morning (I think!) but I only do that on my Sunday run, the other 2 are after work and walking the dogs. I find it harder at night mentally but the buzz after is FAB! As was tonights - W3R3 :)

  • I just did my W3R2 today so I am just behind you... I am enjoying it also :) and like you I am on my treadmill. I had to reduce my speed though. I was running faster in Wk 1 and 2 but struggled with R1 in W3... realized I had to slow down to go further.

    Good luck!!

  • Well done! Keep going :) For me it's not about speed (at the minute I'm quite a way off a pace to meet the 5k) but more about moving slightly quiker than walking! I only seem to be upping my pace by 0.6mph on my walking but it feels so much tougher.... I struggled W3R1 as well but runs 2 & 3 were so much better. Looking forward to starting week 4 on Sunday now :D but am a bit daunted by the move to 5 mins...... oh well, I'll give it a go and see how I get on. Good luck with the plan :)

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