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Back on it

Completed W9R2 today, graduation is so close, I can almost taste it! But I've been slacking the past week or two.

Two weeks back, on W7R3 (I think), I pushed myself and ran 5k. I spent 7 weeks aiming for that point, to be able to reach 5k and I had finally made it. I'd completed my goal and almost straight away, I fell out of my ruotine. I missed a run, took 2 or 3 rest days instead of the usual 1 day and when I did go out for a run, I ran for less than I had wanted (between 2.5 & 3.5k) and knowing full well that I was slacking actually started getting me down.

But this morning, as my alarm woke me at 5am, and I could hear the gentle patter of rain outside, I put my trainers on and went out... determined.

After the first 2k, I was ready to stop and walk home. No idea why, felt like I was struggling so stopped and walked for 50m or so. Started running again and managed another kilometre before stopping to a walk again. Again, walked for 100m or so before cracking on.

Next thing I know, I'd been running for half hour - wooo! Checked my phone (RunKeeper app) and saw that I was on about 4.5k so pushed harder and harder and completed the 5k in 31m 29s. A new personal best for me.

Funny how starting off a run thinking 'I won't finish this' can turn into the better ones. Fairly certain the rain helps me run further (and possibly faster?!).

Still annoyed that I stopped twice for a brief walk though. No idea why I'm doing it. No aches or pains, no stitches. Think I'll file this one under 'odd'.


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yes but you didnt stop/go home/get back on the couch so well done.

I havent got there yet but I now know I can run 30 minutes as I run very slow I intend to increase my speed but it isnt the same as the initial rush and excitment of getting to your goal.

Well done for your best time too.


That's a very good point, I carried on and *didn't* give up!

You're right though, the initial rush and excitement has gone. I remember back to the first few runs, I'd literally come home bouncing off the walls with joy that I'd done it.

Now I know I've done it, it's a little less exciting but still really happy at beating my PB!

I'm been talking with a few mates on twitter this morning about running and it looks like we'll all be tackling a ParkRun soonish. They're a smidge faster than me though so time to get training :)


You really stuck in there today! However you did it, you did it! Funnily enough I have been struggling since I graduated on Sunday and for no apparent reason. I still have the goal of Race for Life to achieve and Iam going to concentrate on going faster and further. I want to get that excitement back that I felt at the beginning, but realistically, part of that was knowing I could stop and walk after a few mins! :)

Look forward to reading your graduation blog! :)


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