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Running further, getting fitter ......but eating more??

I'm thrilled to have reached Week 8 and cannot believe that I have managed to run for 28 minutes without stopping but I was hoping to have lost a few pounds en route. I think I have lost a bit of fat, particularly round my middle, but I do feel hungrier and have been reaching for the biccies more than I should. Overall I eat pretty healthily but I'm wondering whether I'm making excuses or if the running has increased my appetite? I know the whole toned muscle weighs more than fat thing so I'm hoping that maybe that's what's happening! Anyone else feeling hungrier?

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I have the same problem. I am just about to start week 7 and I haven't lost any weight and think I am eating slightly more. I don't really have weight to lose, but would like to see a bit of toning up happening, but not sure it's happened yet.


I'm afraid running doesn't use many calories! You only use about 100 calories a mile. To lose weight at the rate of 2-3lb a week you have to expend about 500 calories a day more than you take in. It's hard to do that with exercise alone. If your goal is to lose weight, cut down on your calorie intake and add exercise to your daily routine. One advantage must be that if you're exercising, you're not eating! :) If you think running has increased your appetite, try increasing your liquid intake. You will feel fuller and might eat less. Keep on trying and remember that even if you aren't losing weight, your heart and lungs will thank you for the exercise and as you get better at it, you will find it improves your confidence in other areas and may make weight-watching easier.

Good luck :)


I'm on week 8 and have noticed I'm eating more. I expect it's a combination of hunger and believing that I can get away with more naughty food, but it's not true...yet. Maybe when we're running for longer we can indulge a bit more! My friend who's an experienced runner says that the increase in appetite disappears after a while and she is stick thin! At the moment I'm just loving having more energy which is at least keeping me off the couch!

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I run in the evening after tea, usually have a snack of fruit when I get back, but the next morning I'm staaaarrrrrving!! Just the last couple of weeks I have noticed this (now on w9).

I sometimes think that if I have been out jogging I can have a treat but it doesn't work like that at all. So far over the 8 1/2 weeks I have lost 11lbs but that is with dieting too.


Losing weight is something like 20% exercise and 80% diet. Running is great for overall fitness and well being and with a careful calorie controlled diet it may help with weight loss. Running alone will not make you lose weight if your calories in still exceed your calories out.


Or are the same.

However, interval training (which is what we're doing in the early weeks of C25K) are supposed to help increase metabolic rate


I find that I drink quite a bit of water in the couple of hours after my run & that really curbs my appetite. Thirst is often confused for hunger so by doing this if I feel hungry then I really know im hungry. I have lost 1stone 0.5lb & 1 dress size since starting the plan 4 weeks ago so it appears to be working.



I complete week 4 this week and I agree that I seem to have a bigger appetite. I have lost half a stone so far. Haven't drastically changed my diet but find myself wanting to get healthier so I have switched a few things out. After jogging/running I find I am starving but tend to fill up on liquids. Trying to get more protein in my diet and reduce carbs.

People at work have told me I look alot slimmer. I had 2 weeks off and when i returned all commented.

Good luck and keep at it x


I am only a beginner at this (W3), but am finding myfitnesspal really helpful as it calculates the calories burned, so you can quantify how much extra you can eat! I hope I can get as far as you - well done; well jel!


I definitely get hungrier after a run, and my boyfriend gets RAVENOUS, like nothing will fill him up.

If you are starving go for sensible, energy-rich snacks rather than sugar so you don't just take on sugar and calories you don't need. I have found a slice of toast with a teaspoon of peanut butter really keeps me going. I also made some cookies a while ago which were chunky oats and chocolate-covered raisins and just one of those gave me a sugary fix but were also good for energy. They were good before a run because they weren't enough to slosh around in your tummy and make you feel sick.

Let me know if you would like the recipe x


Thanks all for you replies, much appreciated. Things have balanced out a bit and I'm trying to go for the healthier rice cake and peanut butter type snack which I definitely find fills me up much better. I don't know exactly the science behind it but I think my body was needing more energy and the sugary foods gave me a quick fix. I don't have much weight to lose - about a stone - and I'm not going to get too hung up about it as I was able to wear trousers this week which have been hanging in my wardrobe for ages because they were too tight! Managed Week 9 Run one the other day too so - nearly there : )


I don't feel hungrier but very disappointed the scales or weight isn't budging, I started this with the hope of shifting some weight but no it's still there 😢I feel my legs more toned but my belly is still as wobbly 😥


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