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Minimal weight loss BUT belt is getting loose!!!

Being a bit of a wazuck, I stupidly ignore my wife's advice to only weigh myself ONCE per week and tend to jump on every morning (starkers of course) and then bawl ;

"Ohhhh noooo!"

WIFE "What?"

"I've only lost a flamin' pound!"

WIFE "When did you last weigh yourself?"


WIFE "Idiot!" (followed by raised eyes to heaven)

But I have noticed my belt being too loose of late! Oh yessssss! I've read it here in the Blogosphere that muscle weighs more than fat BUT that inches do start to disappear from your waist. I can report to you all that this is actually the case (in my case anyway). I'm still waiting to see the Greek God body appear in my mirror, but at least I'm running, sweating like a horse and burning calories.

As an unknown smug American lycra clad TV presenter once said "Sweat my friends is FAT crying!"

Cue violent throwing up.....Sorry.

A tout!

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Now acquired some ghastly images that may never leave me. LOL. I am on weightwatchers and do only weigh once a week but do measure too. It is great to see the shape changes even if loss may slow. WELL DONE!! Keep going.


I started calorie counting at the beginning of the year and have been weighing myself almost every day, but this is probably the accountant in me. I like to collect all the data and see the trends (I am probably ticking all the stereotypes now aren't I!). But I have never worried about daily trends because there are lots of factors that affect your weight, such as water retention, fat loss, muscle gain, even whether you have done a number two...


Well done you. I love the American quote and will remember that next time I'm dripping in sweat. I'm also doing weightwatchers and although on occasion there's been gains I've noticed the inch loss. Intend to weigh every week but think about the overall monthly loss. Good luck.


had to laugh at your blog, loved the raised eyes comment. :-)

That's great that your losing the inches, good going, I'm like you too, on the scales every morning, being a woman, my weight changes by nearly half a stone on a daily basis up and down, but I have it timed when it's best to read the scales, keep the good feelings going :-)

Happy running


I'm with you there. Thursday is the day I weigh the least. Strange but true.


You're moaning about losing a pound? Overnight? Its taken me 9 years to lose 2 stone. At this rate I'll be 95 when i reach my ideal weight. ;)

I've been dieting - well trying to eat sensibly- all that time, but its only since I've been running that people have started commenting on the weight loss.


I like the quote 'Sweat is just fat, crying'. I must remember to use it next time someone makes a negative comment to me.

Well done on your reducing waistline and good luck with your running.


I thought that fat and muscle weigh the same but fat takes up more space. Am I wrong?


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