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Week 2 and Trouble already

Well, started Week 2 on Monday, and despite the first three or four runs feeling almost as hard as the very first day of week 1, I made it through the whole thing, and felt pretty darn good afterwards.

I was surprised by how much difference just 30 seconds can feel like when you're running!

Really feel I'm making some progress now and coming along nicely.

Had a rest day yesterday, and every now and then yesterday and today I felt twinges in my left shin, which didn't bode well. Sitting with my legs crossed under my desk at work was just so uncomfortable! Decided that until I can get new proper supportive trainers, I'd just walk the route around the lake tonight, since it is a nice warm evening and I wanted to keep in some sort of routine.

How wrong I was! Within a few minutes of starting my leg was giving me bother, pains / cramp in either knee or ankle or shin or all three, and "Dead leg" had returned, so my left leg just kept banging on the ground with each step, regardless of what I did to try and stop it.

So I limped around, trying to keep up at a least a decent normal walking pace - torn between trying to rest my legs and still trying to maintain some sort of movement, and dignity in doing so.

Husband has suggested I see a doctor before doing any more, never mind just buying new trainers. I think that might be a good idea, though maybe a sports physio might be better able to help and look at just how I'm moving that doing the damage?

Either way, I'm disappointed, but keeping my spirits up by thinking if I could get this far once, I can do it again!

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I know how you feel I have bad knees from week3 and can't run again yet, I'm resting until all pain has gone, then I'll step back on an earlier run. Better to rest up now and run again, rather doing some serious damage....take care


So sorry to hear your troubles. Ice seems to b the favourite for muscle pains and ibroprofen. A trip to the docs is probably a good idea. Don't let this set back stop you, rest up and then get back on the plan.


Hope everything goes well at the doctors. I got to week 5 Ok but then had shin problems. I had to stop for the best part of 6 weeks in the end and then redid some of the podcasts and so far so good. I've just done r1 of week 9 so don't give up. I'm sure after some rest you'll be able to restart. I bought some decent shoes which have helped alot and I also consciously worked on changing how I run. I now concentrate on running with less "bounce" as I think the pounding was contributing to my problems.


How frustrating for you. I think a visit to the Dr would be a good idea. The sooner you get it sorted out, the sooner you can get back to the running. Good luck! :)


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