W3r1 sore legs and new trainers 👟

W3r1 sore legs and new trainers 👟

I bought new trainers and leggings and also completed my w3r1 yesterday. I was so excited at having run 3 min burst that i then did some calf and thigh exercises and a 4 mile walk. Ive woken this morning feeling sick and with shin pain ☹️. I definitely feel i over did it, but i was just so happy. I'm taking 2 days rest but can anyone tell me what do i do on rest days? Relax, walk? Do i have to rest legs and work on another area??? Also how on earth do you control breathing? I tried with w2 runs and found it makes me stumble lol


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8 Replies

  • Don't tr to control breathing. That advice on the podcasts is nonsense. Just breathe naturally. If you struggle with breathing slow down till it normalizes.

    Your sickness this morning is unlikely to be connected to the running. The shin pain... is part of the deal, I'm afraid.

    You can do whatever you like on r st days as long as it isn't running. Exercise that complements the running by strengthening your legs and building your aerobic engine makes sense - spinning, swimming, Zumba etc. or some resistance training or mobility work: yoga, Pilates etc. The world of exercise is your lobster. Whatever you choose though, it is likely to be sore at the beginning.

  • Love pair o Nikes 🙂

    You did too much. All you need to do is go slowly. If you follow the spoken instructions you will be fine. 🙂

  • Thank you 😊

  • Thanks great advice as always 👍🏾

  • We are only beginning this programme W2R1 and I asked the same question about rest days and I was advised NHS Strength and Flexibility. I did one session at the weekend and it was really enjoyable 😃

  • Thanks, thats great.

  • Go you! Well done :)

  • As Rig says.. just breathe :)

    Pain happens... especially when we start doing something different...maybe try landing a tad lighter... the temptation to plonk our feet down is really prevalent at the start of the programme.. :)

    Again as Rig says, loads of exercises to chose from to supplement and compliment the programme. make sure you have not just got a sickness bug and then head out again... really slowly :)

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