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Do you need to follow programme exactly to graduate

by this I mean will I still be able to graduate as I realise I have missed out one of the runs.I n week seven day 2 ran the full 30 minutes and was getting fed up with the music so today did run w8r1 ran for 30 again but technically have missed w7r3 dont want anyone saying I cant graduate as I missed a run at the end.

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I would say you definitely do qualify for a graduate badge!! :D If you have got to W9R3 you are a winner!


Of course you will graduate once you have finished week 9 x 3 runs. I missed out one early on because I managed to delete it off my Ipod - Duh!!

Good luck with the rest of the programme. Once you have done week 9 send a message to JR21 telling him you have finished and your graduate badge will appear like magic.


oh thankyou 5 more runs then I will learn how to speed up,or outside havent decided yet.


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