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Only 2 more weeks to graduate :)


Finished the week 7 yesterday... No problem in completing the 25 minutes... In fact I have completed 5k in both the previous runs... The timing is coming down pretty fast as well... Reduced 3 pounds in the last one month. At this rate I think/hope I ll graduate with 5k in 30 minutes... Never felt any better. Couch to 5k is the best thing that has happened to me :) Thanks everyone

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You're doing great.


Well done.  You're doing brilliantly!


Wow - you're fast! Not many of us graduate doing the magical 5k in 30 minutes ( and some like me never have). Doing great - look forward to seeing your marathon posts!

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You guys are my inspiration, getting out and running at this age. I am not sure if I would be able to do that :)


Wow!  I'm still working my way towards 30 mins for 5k, so well done you.  More importantly, you are enjoying running and anything that makes you smile is priceless.

Good grief, you're fast. I completed W7R3 last night. I thought I was doing pretty well because I enjoyed it enough to carry on for an extra five minutes, but even with the extra time I'm nowhere near 5K. I might even be slower than walking pace!

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U ran for 30 minutes NON STOP which is an achievement itself. Keep going.

i am going waking 2km

my legs was  very Pain on evening

Please tell any suggestion

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1. May be u don't have enough rest. Take a day or 2 off and check again, u might feel better

2. Have u checked if ur shoes are fine? If not may be try to get urself a decent pair.

Hope u will be fine and back in action :)

thank u sir

iam diabetic i was regular going to walking

my  knees area  was very pain

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