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And so on to week 6

I started the first run of week 6 thinking, "well, I've run for 20 mins without stopping, perhaps I can have a go at increasing my speed now I'm running intervals again". I'm guessing I'm not the first person to think that as Laura told me to keep my pace steady. I set out round the lake and turned round when I had got to 4 mins through my 8 min run. I guess my pace must have been quite steady as I got back to the hotel door just as the podcast finished. I have two more runs in these picturesque surroundings, including a 25 min run on Saturday morning before we fly home.

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O, lovely...what a beautiful picture you've painted in my mind with the lake and a nice run! Good going you to keep right up with your running while on holiday....enjoy!


I daren't stop my training on holiday. I wouldn't know where to pick it up again. And I'm doing the Race for Life on July 1st (which will be my W8R1 run. I'm not sure at this stage whether I'll follow Laura or see if I can actually run for 5k. I do know that having a crowd cheering you on can work wonders!


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