W6R3 completed whooohoooo!!!!

I did it! Can't believe I have just run for 25 mins. I even managed to do what Laura suggested and up the pace for the last 1 minute. Plus I can finally tell I'm getting fitter as even the hills didn't seem too bad, although I do slow to crawl going up them. So for all runners just starting on this fantastic programme believe me you can do it. I would never have thought I would reach this stage after huffing and puffing my way through the first weeks, now I really believe I will be able to run for 30 mins by the end of the 9 weeks. Bye the way I am 57 and have never run in my life before now so don't let age be a barrier either. I feel so proud of myself.

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  • Well done you. I have that run to do on Saturday. After completing the 20min run at the end of week 5 I have some faith that I too will be able to run for 25mins, however unlikely that seemed at the beginning of the programme!

  • Congratulations! I will be doing W6R3 this evening when I get home, so your message has given me inspiration.

  • Good luck frankers 74 and Miss_T_Ide. You will do it. Just take it easy to start with so you have enough energy left to finish.

  • Great Blog, well done. I should be running that one towards the end of the week. You will be my inspiration for that one.

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