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Garmin not any good for me, oh no!!!

Hubby told me to go and get my Garmin although birthday not until September. So off I went on Saturday to my local running shop where I knew I would get loads of help and good advice. I wanted to use mine with a HRM for the gym too so had made my mind up to go for 410.

Well I'm a rather small framed female and this Garmin swamped my small wrist, it was far too big, it stuck out at the sides leaving big gaps and even when it was tightened on my wrist it still spun round and under. It would have got damaged in no time at all wearing it in the gym.

One of the female shop assistants had a Garmin ladies 110 which she let me try on and it was just as bad.

So if anyone has any ideas of an alternative I would appreciate any suggestions.

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I have the 410, it is just about small enough for me. Mine came with a fabric strap which I assume is an alternative wrist strap (no instructions!) and tools for taking the strap off. It might be worth following it up with the shop or Garmin customer services. Would it work higher up your arm? It is a very strange strap!

Nearly forgot, you can get a foot pod for indoor running, might be an option.


Mine is huge on my childsize wrists, but I don't really mind... it's not uncomfortable and you get used to the chunky look.


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