Couch to 5K

Fallen on my butt and hurt sacrum can I still run ?


I have a new problem and am totally p'd off last Monday I slipped and fell very heavily on my sacrum down some granite steps this was whilst taking an enforced break from the programme due to a very hilly holiday . Three years ago I had spinal surgery a discectomy which I have now fully recovered from the painful bit is not near my surgery site on my return from France I went straight to the gym and ran W5 R2 my back doesn't hurt to run however I now can't walk upstairs without holding on -walking is not painful only going upstairs can I carry on running ? I feel a total failure .Will be off to GP WHEN I can get an appointment

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Id get yourself checked out and see what the professional recommends.


I second Anonymous36 - no point in taking any risks or making your back worse. Tell us how you get on - I have had a sore cocxis so know it can be b***dy painful so take it easy!


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