Should it still hurt this much?

I have just completed week 4 run 1 and it still really hurts my calves, ankles and feet from the warm-up walk onwards. I am doing my best to battle through it hoping it will get better but now I am wondering if it is just because I am so unfit and overweight or maybe its my trainers? I'm going to go to a running shop and get some new trainers anyway in case it is that but was wondering if anyone else was constantly aching at this stage and it got better?


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  • You didn't mention doing stretching exercises when you finish. They are essential to prevent muscles aching the following day. It does take a little while for your body to get used to this new regime and it will complain! Stretches = ESSENTIAL part of your routine! Just Google it and you will find loads of options. I really suffer getting up and down stairs if I forget to do them as soon as I finish running (i.e. before my walk home)

  • I always stretch afterwards, I forgot to say that! I only really ache whilst I'm doing it, I don't ache much after I have finished anymore. xx

  • Like Oldgirl says - gait analysis may indicate a problem. It shouldn't hurt when doing the running. Hope you get some answers soon. Good luck!

  • You shouldn't feel any pain if you are warmed up properly I would get you gait checked out. If you are feeling sore during your warm up walk and run there must be something wrong with either your shoes or the way you are walking/running, try adjusting your foot planting to perhaps a mid foot strike first. I know that Laura says heel strike but many runners/experts now say this is not the best way. Good luck I hope you get things sorted soon.

  • Thankyou, I am definitely going to get my gait checked out as I have been worrying this might be the problem. x

  • Hi :) I had very similar problems week 3 onwards, despite having new shoes. I stretched, had more rest days, used deep heat, ibuprofen, rollers on my muscles, all sorts. I just couldn't crack it. I slowed my pace a tad and did week 4 twice, and it very slowly started to get easier. It took to week 8 for me to feel like my calves were coping well. It may have been my weight (started at close to 18st), but it just seemed like my muscles needed to get used to it all. Try getting yourself some trainers and see how it goes, just be careful of any injuries and if its too painful stop. Don't let it stop you though, you will get there :)

  • Thankyou everyone, I will try and get to the shop this weekend and hope it makes a difference xx

  • If you can try a pair of transition shoes - I'm converting to a mid-foot strike and feel loads better

  • I don't stretch at all in conjunction with my running. I do the 5 minute walks at either end and it is only if I don't do that (which is rare) that I feel the need to stretch. I do yoga separately though now and find restorative poses especially helpful. You could try easing off the pace (you may be pounding down very hard) and trying a softer surface. I have less pain in my legs now than I did before running (it's definitely better for me than trying to sustain a brisk walk)

  • Be sure to be wearing good shoes, and pick your route well, keep nice and flat at this stage.There is no shame in pacing yourself, and staying at week 4, for a few weeks allowing for your body to adjust,and then move forward with confidence.

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