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W6 R3..Are the weeks getting faster?

Quite surprised at how quick this is progressing and have to remind myself that I start w7 now.Went out for w6r3 this evening a couple of days later than planned, but had to do it as a bit OCD about doing them before Monday! Anyway wasnt that stressed about having to run as the 20mins as had achieved that and was really wanting to burn off some other emotions today! Run without much problem apart from I ended up running a weird route because I had under estimated how far I would jog! I think people driving past must have thought I was lost/stupid! Really pleased with Lauras words of encouragement at the end.

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I've just ran W7 R2, I'm really enjoying the running & I can't believe in week 4 I struggled to run for five minutes. I'm feeling like a runner now & I've even bought some proper running cloths. By the way I'm 47 years old & never ran before in my life. I'm also enjoying my new toned body & finding my jeans are starting to feel loose.


I still need to get some running bottoms but really dont have the legs for anything tight, but need something better for if it rains. Im 45 in a few weeks and my husband said today that he cant believe Ive stuck at it. I was chuffed when Laura said I can call myself a runner.


We've got to be proud of ourselves. When people see me running they tell me they think I'm stupid & laugh, but I know they couldn't do it. Someone even said they didn't think I would stick with it but I've not come this far to give up now.


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