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Week Seven Run Two

Argh, what a tough one! I wanted to stop almost as soon as I set out which hasn't happened so far. I gathered up all my strength and made it through to the end but it really wasn't easy. I kept thinking 'Just two more minutes then if you feel sick you can stop' but I didn't. I crawled along at a snail's pace and made it the full 25!

I went a different route today and I'm glad I did because the usual path is getting a bit boring. I went and did a couple of laps of the local park which meant I had to run along the road in full view of the traffic for a while. I didn't mind though, it wasn't that scary :) I just kept feeling like I wanted to stop! Not really sure why, I guess everyone has good runs and bad runs.

I'm still really proud of myself for getting this far - it may be tough but I still get a better feeling from going than not going. Once you get into your stride, there's a lot of peace to be had from just putting one foot in front of the other. There aren't many things in my life that I find to be that rewarding to complete.

Until next time...

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Well done for finishing that one.

I find the first few minutes of each run so hard but usually by 5 minutes I am in my zone as my OH calls it.

I dont like the music in week 7 may run week 8 Tuesday see if its any better.


Hi Secreative,

I could have written your post almost word for word.

I`ve just run W7 R2 also and kept wanting to stop.

Also had a wee panicky moment at the start when I was sure I wasn`t going to be able to run at all :(

I kept at it and it wasn`t till I turned for home that I finally relaxed and felt much better. I actually told the wee voice telling me to stop, to "Naff off "at one point. Or words to that effect :)

Good luck on your next one.


Hi Sercreative, Pitzpalu

It is the same for me ! Your post mirrors my feeling of this morning W7R2. It must be something in this week .....

I usually find the first 5 minutes hard, but today, despite a good night sleep I had the need to stop... but i did not and I am glad I didn't.

The feeling of sactisfaction when I reached home was beyond immagination.

I am still a bit slow (2.4 Km in 25 minutes) but I have already saw an improvement in my speed compared to 6 weeks ago, so I am confident it will get better !

During my days in between the runs I do a long walk so I will have my W7R3 on Friday.

Good luck to all of you for the week 8 !



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