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Two 5k runs in a week - yay!


Apart from one week I've run 3 times every week since graduation. Have done a 5k run each week but this morning I ran my second 5k run of the week :-).

I really feel I've got the hang of this now - I know what speed to run to achieve the 5k run. Was really pleased to knock off 2 minutes today - 5.09k in 37:40 ave speed 8.1kmph - not sure how good or bad that is, but I'm chuffed.

Now who knows, I might manage 3 x 5k next week :-)

Have a great weekend everyone :-) :-)

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That's quite speedy, Pinkangel - and over 5k that is a lot of good breathing!

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to tingeling

Do you know what, it is all in the breathing! :-)


Well done - getting better all the time!

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks, not often I get better at anything any more! :-)


Well done pinkangel - knocking 2 minutes off your time is fantastic - happy running

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to mossy1

Ah thanks, I am a happy runner! :-)


Sounds brilliant to me! I'm not quite there yet, can manage a couple of KM at that speed but not all of them, and haven't got to 5 yet.. - so well done.

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Hidden

Well with all those hills around you Curly I'm not surprised!

Not sure what the high and low speeds were, but I was happy with that for an average - I did feel I had to work at it though - but hey ho, that's the fun of it :-)

Great running, your commitment is agreat example to us all

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Justtoes

Hi Justtoes, are you new here?

If you are then welcome :-)

And thank you, I started the programme in April a complete non-runner, followed it to the t, and now enjoy regular running - feeling all the better for it :-) :-)

Hi Pinkangel, I have been slack but as the weather warms up I will start again. I have had a cold and find running difficult with my breathing. I will start again on week one soon. I find exercise on u tube to keep my fittness going. I have not run before but I am enjoying it. Keep up the good work. Thanks Lynn

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