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Attacked by Crocodile !!!

At least thats what it feels like. W6r1 done my 5 min warm up walk easy peasey. Started the first 5 min run. 1 min in the croc snuck out of the bushes and bit me in my left calf. Ouch doesn't quite cover it.

Decided that a tactical retreat was in order to allow for removal of crocodile and avoid worsening the injury.

Managed to walk the 900m home without limping.

Maxed out on ibuprofen nd slathered with arnica cream for good measure. Hubby has been dispatched for a pack of ice/frozen peas (recent freezer malfunction means that we have none)

Pain ws centered about 20cm up my leg from bottom of heel about 10 cm above narrowest part of my achilles tendon. Am currently seated and can circle my toes in all directions, lift foot and point it without causing major pain. Just a bit tender, afaint echo of a rather nasty spike of pain when the "croc" bit. Lower calf feels a bit bruised, was rock hard 10 min ago but has loosened up almost to normal.

Any ideas what I've done to myself/narrowly avoided doing to myself?

What should I do to look after it so I,m not bait for other lurking crocs?

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I cant offer any words of wisdom I'm afraid. I did have a little giggle at the thought of a croc in the grass ;) I hope you scared them all off!


Might have tweaked your soleus (thats the muscle at the bottom of your calf, gastoc is the bigger lumpy one you can see more obviously at the top of the calf) I do that from time to time I have the soleus musles of a three year old I think, always been a weakness and I suspect somewhat responsible for all my shin issues over the years. Its a bit sore now as I over did it today a bit as I was in a bad mood.

From the little you know so far I would say what you are doing is the right thing. Give a day or two off, keep it iced and loose then try a gentle sighter run and see how it feels I would say.

If it feels better you might want to start on a regime to make it stronger and more flexible.


Is there a swelling on your heel? If so could be your Achilles tendon. I had that and the pain radiated up my calf. Hope it's soon better :(


Nope thankfully, just minor discomfort and tightness about 20cm up from the floor.


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