Run 2 of Week 8,

After not being able to start this run yesterday, I decided to go for it today. Still very tough to begin with, will those first 5/10 minutes ever get any easier???.

Got into an even stride and really pushed myself after the first 10 minutes untill the last 5 minutes then I had to slow pace down.

Remember thinking how hard and how I really wanted those last 5 minutes to hurry up, but carried on and kept on smiling and as I was running next to main road I was able to distract myself a bit watching the cyclists go past that were taking part in the London to Brighton bike ride.

But even though I couldn't wait for the session to end I really do enjoy it and can't believe how far I've come on this journey, I'm getter fitter, just wish I was losing weight, but that will happen.

The bonus for me today was that my legs weren't as stiff and only a slight pain in right hip compared to before.

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  • I'm so impressed, can't wait till I get to week 8 - it seems like a long time to be running when you're still doing 90 seconds at a time!

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