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Tough week after 10 days off running

Well now back at it after the Jubilee weekend and 5 days in Malta. Have to say it's been a tough week getting back into the swing of things and motivation not really been there.

Tuesday was running club and think I did OK this week....this is the run I enjoy the most each week. Something to do with the company and encouragement I get from the group.

For the next run thought I'd follow CaroleC advice re hils / intervals as really want to increase my speed. I was up and out early before work on Thursday...found a hill and managed to do 4 sprints up it, walking down before I had to stop as felt sick!

Today was run 3 of the week (couldn't find the motivation to go out yesterday) and before going out decided I'd do a 5k route. However, was really struggling on the way out so decided to cut it short and turn around early. I did 3.5k at an average pace of 7.07 which is fast for me...did find my stride on the way back! If I could keep this up for the full 5k i'd be on target for knocking a fair bit of my PB - have 3 weeks to improve before next Park run (next few have been cancelled as something else on at the park).

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Those hills are a killer! I did the same thing with run club last Monday, up and down a stupidly steep hill, i honestly thought I was going to vomit!! Apparently it's normal to feel that way, it's just your body saying its being pushed to its limit, im told i should breath through it and always push through it for a tiny bit longer, this lets the body know whos boss! It's a crappy feeling :(

Hope the mojo comes back soon ;)


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