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Mr Locket is no weatherman!

I looked at the big black clouds overhead as we left the house and said to Mr Locket "I think we're going to get very wet". "No we won't" he said, "the cloud is getting higher and it's moving away......"

Famous last words.

It poured! And we got soaked to the skin.

But I really didn't mind at all.

The only problem was my glasses. They got so wet that I couldn't see out of them at all so I had to run carrying them instead which left me a bit blind. But I could see well enough to avoid getting run over which was the main thing! ;-)

After last weekend's struggle to run without stopping this was a much better run and I felt much stronger. I did have to stop a couple of times just after the first mile but that was only to sort out my music and Endomondo which were both playing up. And I actually ran a personal best finishing the 5k in 35.45!

I'd been feeling quite flat all day and my run has boosted my mood so much - I feel on a high now :-)

I do love running! How weird is that?!!

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Steamed up glasses have persuaded me to try contacts again for running! Glad you had a good run. It's great how it can move your mood. I went out today feeling frankly fed up and came back smiling.


well done on your PB. I didn't go out today as calfs very tight and the plan is to go out tomorrow.....i think i'll have missed the boat on the good weather!!!


I gave up wearing my glasses between them slipping off my nose from the sweat and just plain being a nuisance to keep up...I'm with long as I can avoid being hit by a bus, I'm good!

Congrats on the PB, too!


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