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W5R3 here we come

Well after a week off due to a hilly holiday I came back to W5R2 I've been struggling with a sore calf for agaes which HAD gone but seven minutes in I felt it ping ouch but kept going this morning I'm walking like a 90 year old but it's getting better stretching it out - however tomorrow is the dreaded W5R3 will I make it?? I don't understand why this muscle is hurting I warm up cool down and do stretching excerises what am I doing wrong?? even though I had a weeks rest I did lots for walking up and down hills so I wasn't inactive and to show how dedicated I am I was running two hours after I got home following a 6 hour journey!

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I'm no expert but is it possible that the muscle is cramping? Maybe a little extra salt would help? I hope you get it sorted for your big day. Let us know how you do. I'm one week behing you and it's so encouraging to read how you're getting on. Good luck.


have you had your gait analysed to make sure you're running in right shoes? Other than that you're not doing anything wrong. If I were you tho' I'd take an extra rest day to give your calf a chance to recover esp since you'll be running for 20 minutes for the first time. Go for a gentle walk instead. If its still sore on Monday, especially if its intense pain, maybe you should get it checked out by your GP to make sure you havent got an injury. Better to rest now for a short time, than have to take a few weeks out later on.

There is a lot of good advice on these blogs re stretching exercises when you do suffer pain - Greg wrote one a while ago that pulled a lot of advice together. You might also find a tubigrip bandage helpful when running, others swear by compression socks. Good luck.


I suffered with calf pain and I was pretty concerned about it (see my blogs) but after a couple of weeks its settled down and I also wear a compression sock on that leg which really helps. I got through W5R3 (2nd attempt) with no calf pain too.

I get crampy at times usually on the recovery walks prior to another spurt of running. We're complicated creatures!

I had a DVT in that calf a few yrs ago so I was worried I was causing damage but it seems fine now.

As others have suggested, a check with your G.P may be an idea and help alleviate your worry.

Good Luck and I'll look out for your W5R3 post. :)


Thanks for answers I'm really stretching it out today with deep heat and paracetamols it seems to been improving as the day goes on might pop to the gym and try the shaking plate machine thing then i'll do W5R3 with a compression sock with an extra days rest -off for a sauna and swum now thanks


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