Couch to 5K

Week Seven Run One

Made it the 25 minutes again - the whole time I was out there I was thinking about how good it would feel to write that! And actually, it was easier than the first time - you can really feel your stamina building up.

Weather didn't know what it was doing this morning. One minute it was sunny, the next it was chucking it down. Still, it felt all right to keep going in the rain and there were a few others who decided to brave it too.

I still don't think I've lost any weight yet, but it doesn't really matter. I feel a lot healthier and it's inspired me to eat more healthily too. I've also noticed my skin has been a lot better - I used to suffer with awful dry skin on my hands and it hasn't bothered me so much recently.

I've told my mother all about the programme and she's keen to try it out too! She was very impressed that I'd reached 25 minutes in 6 weeks, and she said after looking at her holiday snaps from France she's keen to get back into losing weight... I've found it becomes a bit of a project once you get started. I don't really have the money to join a gym or an exercise class, but the punching pads I bought last week have been good fun to work out with. When I did kung fu regularly, the weight fell off me, it's such a good full body workout.

Music is awful this week, isn't it ;) I would much rather have the generic techno music than some idiot warbling on about going out tonight and feeling all right. Honestly, they're like nursery rhymes only more obnoxious... Anyway, I suppose they're doing the best they can with the license but I still can't wait to make my own playlists.

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well done, I found it tougher today than the last one, maybe my frame of mind was different, anyway well done us we are well on the way to graduation :)


Well done! I admit that I left Laura behind at W7 and I listen to the radio now! It is great that you feel inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle. Iam not doing too well in the food department :o but I am a bit proud of myself ! good luck with the rest of the programme :)


well done, sercreative...don't be too concerned about the will come down with miles ran...(she says, looking at her own scales). This really is a great programme.

As an "older" runner myself, I encourage your mum to give it a try if she's interested...I didn't start running (my FIRST time) until I was well into my 30's, and, after a 20+ year break, here I am again...a beginner.

I found W7R1 a little tougher today...possibly because I changed my course for a couple more


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