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W4R1 and into another gear

I start my podcast week on Wednesdays so it was wk 4 this week and a bigger difference than I thought there might be between last run and this. On paper, it doesn't look too bad, but it was definitely another gear. When I first found the programme, I was used to running 2 miles and was searching for something to get me through the last mile. I wanted desperately to run 5k. I had tried building my way up to it, but that last mile always defeated me. When I saw that the plan was for 5k in 9 weeks, I thought it was just right and decided I might even start from week 3 or 4. Am I glad I didn't! Without the previous runs, I might have failed this one, but the breathing tips, the pace, the music, the experience and the mantras I had used over the last few weeks all played their part in getting me through the run. Now Laura says I just (!) have to repeat that twice more and I'll be ready for week 5. Not sure I believe her though! Still, it's nice to know I've run for longer than I walked and I managed 4k in the time so 5k sounds achievable, although not in 30 minutes. Still, I do feel that even if I don't do the distance in the time, I would be able to continue for the extra minutes I would need.

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Well done! You have a really good pace. Much faster than me and Iam on W9 :o It is such a clever programme and Laura is right - you will do it!! I loved that feeling when I ran for longer than I walked! I would now like to run faster than I walk :D


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