Couch to 5K

I should be getting better but after sweat, blisters & a stitch in the first 5 mins I'm wondering if i'll ever be any good at this?!

I'm feeling a bit disappointed with my recent progress as although I managed to run for 35 mins last run I only covered 4.5K. I find running for this time really, really difficult & can't imagine either running faster or for longer to reach the 5k goal. Also I'm a bright red, sweaty mess at the end of it so my self esteem is taking a dive! I was so pleased with the earlier weeks, especially completing the 25 min runs & now I wish I hadn't looked at the distance at all. I feel like I must be really unfit to still be this slow & need to find some way to get my enthusiasm back. I started using an app on my phone for the time /distance guide as I prefer running to my own music but I think I'm missing Laura's encouragement. Any advice on keeping motivated & how to improve? ( Sorry to moan as overall I think this is a great way to start running & I wouldn't have been able to do anything at all without the podcasts)

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You could go back to some earlier weeks and work on making them easier before moving on to go faster/further.

After my hideous graduation run during which I swore I would never, ever run again, I have gone back to W5r3 for a week. I don't want to run for 30 minutes if I hate it. I'm never going to be fast or run far but I'd prefer to be running than sitting back on my couch so I've chosen to go backwards and do runs I enjoy and work on getting them really good before I move on and push myself harder.

I think there's quite a bit of pressure to constantly improve speed and duration but it's also fine if you don't want to do those things and just want to run for some exercise and enjoyment. If you're enjoying it you're more likely to keep it up long term - at least that's my thinking.


I'm not sure you need to go back too much, you're running for 35 minutes covering 4.5k, so maybe knock it back to either 30 minutes, or 4k. Then, for ,say, 3 weeks, run it 3 times a week (keep the rest days) ignoring how fast you are. So, if you're going for 4k, don't time it, if you're running for half an hour don't measure it.

A gentle jog, mind you, don;t push it. Once you're comfortable with it, run a little faster and start measuring, you'll soon see improvements and start feeling better.


Agree with both of the above. Don't push too hard; running is supposed (eventually) to be fun. Take it back to a pace and level that you find is just that, and go from there.



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